Who is Most Beautiful Korean Actress Without Makeup?

There’s no doubt that Korean actresses are gorgeous. Many girls around the world like to get the same cute eyes, milky skin, and baby lips that their friends have. When they show up in TV shows, blockbuster movies, commercials, and even interviews, their beauty is just stunning. But if they don’t wear makeup, will they still be as beautiful?

Makeup does have a lot of power, and you shouldn’t forget that. With makeup, you can go from looking plain to looking beautiful. And let’s face it, Korean actresses always wear makeup before going on camera, which makes them look even more beautiful. The question is what they look like when they’re not on camera.

What about in the morning when they wake up? Do their faces look the same when they’re not wearing makeup? Don’t worry, because this list will show you that they are still pretty even without makeup. Find out which Korean actress is the fairest without makeup, and learn their tips, advice, and beauty secrets!

1. Song Ji-Hyo

Song Ji-hyo is well-known for being the ‘Ace’ on the game show Running Man. The show shows that she is a very competitive, smart, and wise woman. But Ji-hyo is known more for her beautiful skin than for her skills and abilities. Song Ji-hyo’s natural beauty is clear from her bare face, her face when she wakes up, her face when she sleeps, her angry face, her crying face, and even her blank face.

In Running Man, we’ve seen her real, natural face a lot of times, and she still looks gorgeous. She doesn’t hide the fact that she doesn’t wear makeup, which is a good thing. This makes her a very unique actress. Even her PD said that Ji-hyo has the most beautiful face of all the actresses when she’s not wearing makeup.

She is even more beautiful because she is easygoing and has a brave heart. When asked what her best beauty secret was, she said that “beauty sleep” was a big part of it. “I sleep a lot,” she said. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve come to realize that if I don’t take good care of my skin, it won’t get better on its own. I make sure to wear sunscreen and clean my face a lot more in the summer.”

I can feel the difference when I don’t have makeup on. But I do think that I prefer to be comfortable with my bare face than be dolled up with makeup. I’m the kind of person that prefers to be comfortable than care about how I look.

— Song Ji-hyo

2. Lee Min-jung

When we look closely at her ‘just woke up’ selfie, it makes us feel like it’s not fair that she looks so good in a swimsuit and when she’s not wearing any makeup. Lee Min-jung, you’re crazy. How did you do that? How can you be so pretty even when you don’t wear makeup? Well, maybe it’s because she was lucky enough to be born with such cute eyes, a high nose, and beautiful lips that go so well with the rest of her face.

Many of us might not know this, but Lee Min-jung didn’t start working in the media until much later. When she first went on TV, she wasn’t a teen. After graduating from Sungkyunkwan University at age 25, she made her first show.

Lee Min-jung

She is also married to actor Lee Byung-hun, with whom she has a son named Lee Joon-ho. Isn’t that strange? If there’s one thing we should know about her beauty secret, it’s that it’s both simple and true. When Entertainment Weekly asked Gong Yoo what her secret was, she laughed. Lee Min-jung proudly told them that the secret to beautiful skin is to laugh.

Laughter is the secret to beautiful skin.

— Lee Min-jung

3. Park Shin-Hye

Park Shin-Hye, who started her career as a child actress and is now a beautiful woman, is another beauty icon and a very popular Korean actress. She played the lead in most teen romance dramas and did a great job in all of them. Forbes Korea’s list of the “40 Most Powerful Celebrities” put her at number 33.

Her leading roles in dramas like “You’re Beautiful,” “Heartstrings,” “The Heirs,” and “Pinocchio” gave many fans an image of Park Shin-Hye as innocent, pure, and sweet. Even when she doesn’t wear makeup, she still has a pretty face. One of the things that makes her so beautiful is that her lips are very pretty and cute, just like a baby’s. Her cheeks are also bright and full, which keeps her looking young.

Park Shin-Hye

While some people get plastic surgery to look better, Park Shin-Hye said that her secret to beauty was to be confident. She said that less makeup makes a person look more beautiful. “Makeup can help bring out a person’s best features, but too much of it can hide them. It’s better to wear less makeup and let your natural beauty shine through. Basically, be happy with how you look.”

Some people opt to undergo surgery to enhance their looks. But it’s important to be confident with the way you look.

— Park Shin-hye

4. Kim Tae-Hee

Kim Tae-hee, unlike other actresses, didn’t look for opportunities to become an icon. It was the chance itself that was in front of her. She was so charming, beautiful, and interesting that an ad executive offered her a job as a model while she was just riding the subway.

She is known as the “Nation’s Goddess” and is thought to be the most beautiful woman in South Korea because of her unique beauty and huge success in her career. Kim Tae-hee is a national beauty icon, and her angelic face can look both cute and innocent at the same time.

Kim Tae-Hee

She has the face of a flower even without makeup. In an interview, she talked about her beauty tips, which we can all use:

  • If I feel like my skin is going to break out, I go and receive treatment from a dermatologist before filming.
  • If my skin feels dry, I use masks or apply a lot of moisturizing cream before sleeping.
  • If I feel like I’m going to get blemishes, I lightly apply lotion only.
  • I try to work out consistently. I prefer outdoor sports to work out at the gym.

 5. Ku Hye-sun

Millions of fans all over the world love the song “Geum Jan-di” by Boys Over Flowers. Not only because she plays a character that everyone loves, but also because she is so beautiful. Netizens chose Ku Hye-sun as the actress with the best skin.

Her porcelain-like skin shows that her skin is like a goddess’s. She was already well-known on the internet as an ulzzang before she was cast as Jan-di. Not only does she have really fair skin, but she also has beautiful round eyes and cute lips that make her smile.

Ku Hye-sun

This makes her a total goddess. No one can take their eyes off of her white, jewel-like skin when they see her. Ahn Jae-Hyun, her husband, fell in love with her from head to toe. If you want to know her secret, she told the three most important things in an interview:

  • Eat well
  • Sleep well
  • Avoid stress

6. Jun Ji-Hyun

Jun Ji-Hyun always looks like herself, whether she’s being funny, funny, attractive, sexy, or just being herself. She is one of the few actors who looked and acted so good when she was just being herself. In the movie “My Love From the Stars,” she wore light makeup, which gave many makeup artists ideas for how to get Cheon Song-yi’s “simple yet stunningly beautiful” look.

Jun Ji-Hyun

Even in her most recent movie, “The Legend of the Blue Sea,” when she came up from the water as a beautiful mermaid, she did a great job. But Jun Ji-Hyun is still beautiful even when she doesn’t wear any makeup. Want to know what she’s hiding? Good thing she told us her simple tricks for getting that simple beauty:

  • Cleansing the face with care. Not rubbing the cleanser for too long is the key to getting her clean.
  • Getting enough water
  • Sufficient sleep Exercise. In fact, she is known as a “workout freak.”

7. Jang Na-ra

Many people might find it hard to believe, but Jang Na-ra is no longer a teen or a woman in her early 20s. In the romantic comedy-drama Baby Faced Beauty, she played a 34-year-old woman who was mistaken for a 25-year-old. No matter what she wears, she always looks younger than her age.

Jang Na-ra

It’s almost as if she drinks from the fountain of youth. Our baby-faced actress, whose eyes are as cute and round as a doll’s and whose skin is as white as snow, doesn’t just look younger when she’s wearing makeup. We can see that Jang Na-ra’s face without makeup looks a lot younger. She says that she keeps her baby-face look because:

  • Regular exercise correct posture
  • Bright and happy thoughts
  • 2 liters of water every day and eat apples, kiwis, strawberries, and nuts.

8. Yoon Eun-Hye

When you first look at a picture of Yoon Eun-Hye, you might think she’s still a teenager or a young woman in her early 20s with a baby face. Yoon Eun-Hye always looks young and fresh, but she’s not in her teens or twenties anymore!

She has already come a long way in the entertainment world, from being in the early K-pop girl group Baby V.O.X to playing a tomboy as Go Eun-chan in Coffee Prince and a more mature woman as Na Mi-rae in Marry Him If You Dare.

Yoon Eun-Hye

Her beauty will never fade because of how clear her face is. Even without makeup, her close-up selfie shows how smooth and bright her skin is. If you want to hear her beauty tips, she will gladly tell you the following:

  • Mist, all-in-one lotion, Mythic Oil, and bright lipstick are four “must-have” beauty items.
  • When she wants to save time, she skips the long beauty routine and just puts oil on her face.
  • On most days, she doesn’t wear makeup. You can get the job done with lotion and lipstick.
  • It is very important to clean.

9.  Song Hye-Kyo

Song Hye-Kyo, who was known for her leading roles in many TV dramas, is a beautiful woman who never goes out of style. Throughout her career, she has always looked so beautiful, young, and real. When she was on Full House in 2004, she made a name for herself as a cute actress.

This gave many other actresses ideas about how to be cute. Later, she gave herself a more grown-up look, especially in her hit drama Descendants of the Sun, which came out in 2016.

Song Hye-Kyo

She looks so pretty, just like Jun Ji-Hyun, even when she’s not wearing much makeup, which makes her face look natural. The picture of her without makeup shows that her skin is healthy-looking. But don’t worry, you can also have that beautiful look if you use the skin care tips she suggests:

  • Making different face masks, like egg white and honey for whitening, honey for brightening, carrot flour for anti-aging, and milk for soft, smooth skin.
  • How to get a slimmer face by using ice cubes.
  • eating lots of vegetables and fruits and water.
  • Exercise. She likes yoga, pilates, and kickboxing the most.

10. Shin Min-ah

Shin Min-ah was a model before she became famous as an actress. She had a thin body, a chiseled face, and a fierce beauty, so it doesn’t come as a surprise that she started out as a model.

Even before she became famous as an actress, she was a well-known model. At the time, she was one of the most in-demand and well-paid commercial endorsers. Her huge success as a model shows that she is naturally beautiful, and we can tell from her bare face that she doesn’t need a lot of makeup to look hot and seductive.

Shin Min-ah

Her simple look is not simple at all, because her face is just beautiful. What does she want? She said in an interview that it’s harder for her to stay in shape now that she’s in her 30s.

  • It’s important to eat well and work out.
  • She has a strict beauty routine, has a good attitude, and eats well.


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