More Than $35K Stolen From Old Disabled Couple in Nevada County; 2 Suspects Arrested

Authorities in Northern California have arrested two women who were serving as caretakers for an elderly couple and are suspected of stealing over $35,000. The women were taken into custody on suspicion of the theft, which occurred while they were providing round-the-clock assistance to the couple.

An anonymous tipster called the Nevada County Sheriff’s Office on Thursday to report a potential elder abuse case in Grass Valley. In a recent social media post, sheriff’s deputies shared that they visited a residence on Tippy Way in Alta Sierra to conduct an investigation. The alleged theft involved a husband and wife, both of whom rely on wheelchairs.

Two individuals, one aged 29 and the other 44, have been apprehended by authorities. According to authorities, a 29-year-old woman has been accused of stealing a minimum of $15,000, while her alleged accomplice is accused of taking at least $20,000 over a span of four months from a disabled husband and wife.

According to Ashley Quadros, a spokeswoman for the Sheriff’s Office, every woman had direct access to sensitive financial information and used it for their own personal gain.

“This incident exemplifies a crime that was taken advantage of,” Quadros commented.

Both suspects have been released from custody after posting bail of $30,000. As of Tuesday afternoon, court records indicated that no formal charges had been filed against them.

Both women were apprehended for allegedly engaging in caretaker theft, conspiracy, and forging fraudulent checks.

The investigation is still ongoing, according to deputies. If you suspect elder abuse in Nevada County, please reach out to 530-265-7880 for assistance.

“The level of abuse in this case is deeply troubling,” expressed Lt. Russell Greene in an online statement. This couple relies on caregivers to provide them with round-the-clock care, ensuring their comfort and well-being. Instead of providing comfort and care, there was a disturbing occurrence of exploitation and financial thievery.

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