Mom and Son Robbed at Gunpoint in Mississippi; Kid Terrified and Injured after Robbery Incident

After being held at gunpoint by his mother, a child in Mississippi is recuperating well from head injuries, according to the police.

On Saturday, the mother was reportedly detained at Jayne Avenue Park, according to the Jackson Police Department personnel. When two individuals approached the mother and her son, who was three years old at the time, they were playing at the park.

The suspects then pulled out a revolver and demanded that the mother and child hand up their stuff while standing over them with the weapon.

The youngster was injured as a result of the suspects’ theft of the mother’s vehicle, which followed.

At the scene, the toddler was responsive despite having suffered head injuries, according to the police. He was sent to a hospital in the area.

The suspects were reportedly driving a black four-door vehicle that the authorities assumed to be a Chrysler 200 that was black in color.

HPU 633 is the license plate number of the victim’s vehicle, which is a white 2006 Chevrolet Impala. It was decided not to make public the identities of the victims.

This event is being investigated by the Jackson Police Department as a possible count of aggravated assault, motor theft, and armed robbery.

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