Military and Cartel Standoff in Texas:12 Shot Dead in El Paso

El Paso, TX: After a gunfight broke out between Mexican soldiers and individuals suspected of being part of a cartel, authorities in the border state of Tamaulipas are currently examining the situation.

On Sunday night, twelve individuals lost their lives in the firefight that occurred close to Miguel Aleman.

“According to Jorge Cuellar, the public safety secretary of Tamaulipas, it was more than just a confrontation; it was an aggressive act involving armed individuals who attacked soldiers conducting routine patrols in an area where there have been issues,” Cuellar told MVS Noticias.

Several miles south of the U.S. border near Roma, Texas, a confrontation broke out, killing 12 armed people, according to Cuellar. At the site, authorities found a number of weapons and tactical gear. The exchange of gunfire did not result in any casualties among the soldiers.

While some local news outlets have characterized the incident as an army massacre, the state official has stated that all signs indicate that the soldiers were the targets of an ambush.

A Mexican official refrained from naming the criminal organization that the assailants belonged to. But in September of last year, members of the Metros gang, who were associated with the Gulf cartel, and the Northeast Cartel engaged in gunfire at Miguel Aleman. American citizens traveling to San Luis Potosi, Mexico, were among the victims wounded in that incident.

Before that, Miguel Aleman’s city officials had voiced concerns about the increasing number of people fleeing to neighboring towns as a result of drug violence in the countryside.