Miami-Dade Father and Grandmother Sentenced for Kidnapping 6-Year-Old to Canada

Miami-Dade, FL: A grandmother involved in the abduction of her grandson received a 10-year probation sentence from a judge in Miami-Dade County.

Jorge “Jojo” Morales’ mother shared that on Thursday, her son is in good condition and she is satisfied with the judge’s ruling.

In August 2022, authorities reported that 6-year-old Jorge was abducted by his father and grandmother. After two months, the boy from Miami was discovered in Canada in good health.

Jorge Morales Sr., and Lilliam Morales, were taken into custody for kidnapping and other child custody-related offenses. 70-year-old Lilliam Morales appeared in court on Thursday and admitted to interfering with child custody by taking her grandson out of Florida.

The charge of kidnapping has been dismissed, and she will be on probation for 10 years in addition to the time already served in the county jail.

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According to her attorney, Jay White, she intends to relocate to Orlando. It’s unfortunate when two parents in a difficult relationship have to resort to the courts for every issue. White expressed sympathy for the family.

Jorge Morales’ situation is still unresolved, and he is being held in jail with no bond.

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