MGM Focused On “Modernized Nostalgia” In Video Games Push

Hollywood and video games have been strange bedfellows. However, in the recent past, movie franchises have started being adapted into top games as standalone entries. In this regard, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios, popularly known as MGM, is also exploring ways of establishing itself in the video game space. The video game industry has grown significantly, pushing the growth of online casinos to unprecedented heights. An online casino like the Spin Casino has established itself as a platform offering the best casino online services. On the other hand, MGM’s top executives believe that venturing into the video game space can help to elevate the company’s properties and brands significantly.

Gaming Will Improve Brand Awareness

Studies have revealed that gaming has become a predominant way for consumers to view brands and share their fandom. Moreover, research findings show that millennials look at gaming opportunities to understand properties more than they do with Television and film.

MGM bosses revealed they have closely monitored how franchises like Warner Bros and Disney have expanded through gaming. The company wants to have standalone games that don’t necessarily depend on new films or TV shows. Additionally, it claims that its unmatched offer is to provide modernized nostalgia.

Fortunately for MGM, it boasts a strong portfolio of IP, having more than 4000 films. However, most of the films have not been featured in video games for years. For example, why don’t we have a James Bond game?

The good thing is the company is working on correcting this. For instance, the company revealed that it was working on a Legally Blonde mobile game. It has already released an Addams Family game in 2019, and in 2021, it has released Big Rumble Boxing: Creed Champions and Robocop: Rogue City. Moreover, it has also announced that a Pink Panther mobile title is in the offing.

MGM Is Exploring Other Opportunities

The studio is also looking at other possibilities. For example, it is planning to develop games around its less popular IP. Moreover, the company says that each franchise’s fanbase will dictate the platforms it will target. For example, while mobile gaming is the largest, it acknowledges that some of its properties are suited to consoles and PC.

MGM also announced that it is not after the quick buck. Therefore, fans should not expect a rushed approach in bringing back the franchises that have been absent for a while. The company plans to be patient and wait for perfect opportunities.

For example, when it comes to James Bond, it will have to look for the best opportunity to tell the story and express it in the quality that matches the clients’ expectations. In this regard, the company is thinking about partnering with a console partner to tell the story.

MGM also appreciates that it has to identify the most suitable development partner. Therefore, IO being a leading developer in stealth and agent-oriented games was the best partner for the James Bond franchise.

Finally, the company is also open to the idea of integrating with existing games. However, they will only do it if the partnership is sensible. For example, they will only integrate characters that fit in the available spaces.