Mentally Challenged Teen Molested by Clearfield Man, Apprehended by Authorities

The inquiry into charges that he sexually molested a teenage girl on multiple occasions led to the arrest of a guy from Irvona, according to the state police in Clearfield County.

According to the troopers, the victim disclosed many instances of sexual assault committed by Cory Kubiak, who is 55 years old. One of these occurrences apparently took place while the victim was in the shower.

According to the police, each of the accusations of assault took place in a residence located in Irvona Borough. As part of the investigation, the victim reportedly disclosed that Kubiak would coerce her into touching his genitals and/or engaging in sexual actions during almost all of the alleged assaults.

After being accused of seizing the teen’s Chromebook and demanding sexual favors in exchange for returning it, Cory James Kubiak, 55, was charged with rape of a mentally challenged person. According to the accusations that were filed, Kubiak was charged with committing the crime.

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According to the allegations, Kubiak stole the Chromebook belonging to the teenager and demanded sexual favors before returning it. Kubiak allegedly forced the girl to touch his genitals on three separate occasions, even as he touched her breasts, according to the girl’s statement to the police.

According to the troopers, when they questioned Kubiak, he admitted to having sexual encounters with the victim around four to five times over the course of a couple of months.

On Tuesday, Kubiak was arraigned on several counts of rape, aggravated indecent assault, and rape of a mentally challenged person, as stated in the online court documents. Each of these charges was brought against him.

A bail of one hundred thousand dollars has been set for him at the Clearfield County Jail.

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