Mayor Eric Adams Denies Allegations of Sexual Assault by Former Colleague from Florida amid New Lawsuit

New York City, NY: A legal case was filed in Manhattan’s state Supreme Court on Monday accusing New York City Mayor Eric Adams of enforcing oral sex on a fellow NYPD transit bureau employee in 1993 and compelling her to touch his penis when she declined.

His city attorney has labeled the accusations “outrageous,” and Adams is once again rejecting them.

Adams allegedly offered to help the complainant, Lorna Beach-Mathura, who believes she was unfairly passed up for promotions in the department, acquire one when she was a transit police officer, according to the lawsuit.

(Adams) “said he would help Plaintiff with her job, but instead he drove her to a vacant lot and asked her to have oral sex with him,” the lawsuit said. “After she declined, Defendant Adams violently held Plaintiff’s hand against his arched penis. Subsequently, after she withdrew her hand, he masturbated until he ejaculated on her.”

In November, Beach-Mathura, who resides in Florida today, served Adams with a concise court summons in accordance with the state’s Adult Survivors Act. This served as the initial notice of the case. As a result of this law, survivors of sexual assault have one extra year from the regular statute of limitations to file a civil lawsuit.

Adams strongly disputed the allegations at the time, claiming he couldn’t recall ever meeting Beach-Mathura. He categorically denied the occurrence. This person has never crossed my path before. On top of that, I would never intentionally hurt someone that badly.

On Monday, city corporation counsel Sylvia Hinds-Radix, the mayor’s attorney, refuted the new revelations.

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The mayor vehemently denies the preposterous charges and the actions recounted here, and she expects to be vindicated in court, she added in an email statement. “Moreover, it is absolutely absurd that the lawsuit claims that Eric Adams had any influence over the promotions of civilian employees. In 1993, he was among the most vocal public critics of the racism within the NYPD.”

Three “unknown entities” characterized as “any for-profit or not-for-profit entities responsible under the law for acts complained of herein” are also named as defendants in the suit, along with the New York Police Department’s transit bureau and the Guardians Association of the NYPD, a fraternal organization of Black police officers.

The attorneys representing Beach-Mathura did not respond to requests for comment. In the court notice they submitted in November, they stated that Beach-Mathura is requesting damages of at least $5 million, in addition to attorney’s costs. Anyone can initiate a lawsuit under the Adult Survivors Act without revealing their identity.