Man Killed Niece and His Mother in California; Bodies Discovered with Multiple Stab Wounds

The man has been charged with killing his mother and sister, who is 11 years old, in their Berkeley home. This comes a week after his mother told police that he had been making threats against them.

Court records show that the girl’s mother called the cops at 4:45 p.m. Saturday and told them that her daughter had just called to say she had been stabbed.

When police got to the house in the 8300 block of Redfir Drive, they saw Lawrente’ O’Cain, 28, who was covered in blood and had cuts on his hands.

A 53-year-old woman was found dead in the living room, and an 11-year-old girl was found dead in a bedroom. Court papers said that both had been stabbed several times.

Three knives were found next to the bodies as reported by Webster County Citizen News.

Police wrote in court papers that O’Cain’s mother told them on June 8 that her son was making threats against her and the girl.

Police in Berkeley Steve Runge, Maj., said that an officer talked to her and told her to get a protection order.

As of Monday morning, police had not said what the woman or child’s names were.

Police said O’Cain was caught at the spot. He was charged with two counts of murder in the first degree and two counts of violence with a weapon.

Police say he is being held at the St. Louis County Justice Center without bail.

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