Long Distance Moving Tips

A long-distance move, whether intrastate, cross-country, or interstate move can be difficult. But, taking time out to carefully plan the move will help you avoid the setbacks and pitfalls through the tiring journey. If you’re considering a change in scenery, here are some long distance moving tips to keep in mind.


While it’s easy to throw your belongings in the van, a long-distance more we require carefully planned stages, and the prepackaging stages are some of them. Before packing your belongings, you want to first know how to pack for the move. Here are some pre-packing tips:

You’re about to juggle between two states, now that’s a life-changing move that will demand your time, energy, and brain input. Whatever State or city you decide to move to, this kind of move will require you to make an attainable list of plans. From getting your paper works to hiring a long distance moving company, the packing stage, and the actual move, it is best to plan out every step as detailed as possible.

Hire a Reputable Company

When sorting out your moving options, affordability is one factor to consider. However, the cheapest option may not give you the best results you desire. So, make sure to get several quotes from the different moving companies within the city. Then, compare moving costs and hire the movers you think are most reliable and trustworthy. Hiring a moving company without considering the cost will save you the risk of falling victim to identity thieves and scammers.

Update Important Documents

On a long-distance move, one of the most difficult tasks to complete is updating your contact information. This step requires constantly moving from one place to another. What’s more, you may also have to update important documents like your driver’s registration and license. While these two steps are necessary, you also want to make sure to research other documents that would require an update.


Congratulations on making the first move by completing the pre-packing checklist. Now, it’s time to move on to the packing stage. You might think you know the ins and outs of packing for a move, but a long-distance move is nothing like you’ve ever experienced. Need some moving long distance tips to pack your belongings:

Prioritize Moving Essentials

As you start the processing of sorting through your wardrobe, make sure to pack every essential item you will need during the first few weeks of relocating in a specially labeled box. Don’t be in a hurry to seal. Simply open the box, fill it with the necessary items and leave it open till you’ve boxed every single item in your wardrobe before the move.

You also want to keep an essential bag filled with toiletries, changes of clothes, and other personal everyday items, as it will make for a convenient journey and save you the stress of rummaging through several boxes during the trip.

Keep Distance in Mind when Boxing Items

Many new movers fail to observe this hack and end up having their items scattered or damaged in the moving van. Imagine having to see your valuable painting or fragile antiques shattered in the box. When packing, you want to keep the distance in mind. To do this, fill the box with packing paper, bubble wraps, and foil so that they can take the bulk impact when jostled around.

Organize Belongings as You Pack

Imagine looking for your cutleries but don’t remember where you kept them. Unpacking would be less stressful if you pack items in an organized manner. If you’ve got a spacious apartment, try arranging each item by room. Even better, number each box, then make an inventory list that aligns with the numbers.

Label Boxes with Your Name

Most times, you get to share the moving van with other people also relocating. A situation like this might get your boxes mixed up with other family’s belongings, as the boxes usually have the same brown color. To enable your belongings arrives safely to their destination, boldly label your name on every of your box. It’s also advisable to include your phone number in a situation where the box is dropped off at the wrong destination.

Save Money Where You Can

Money is not easy to come by these days, especially with the increasing cost of living. If you’re planning a move, you want to employ 95% of the DIY-Route when packing. Yes, it may seem quite tasking and impossible at first, but there are so many creative means available to pack, clean, and organize your belongings. If you’ve got limited time, you also want to involve your family, friends, and loved ones and make the process a family funfair.

The Move

You’ve done your best boxing up your belongings. You just need to complete the move and get settled in your new home. Here are some hassle-free tips for moving long distance to complete this stage:

Move During the Off-Season

Summers are usually busy, especially for moving companies. Many people opt to move during this time. But, doing so may cause you to spend more than normal. If it’s possible to plan the move during the less busy fall and spring months, then do so. Even a weekday move will save you more money than you imagined.

Check and Recheck Your Belongings Before the Movers Depart

If you did make an inventory list as suggested, it will come in handy here to help you go through every item in the moving truck. This way, you can easily figure out if there’s an item missing.

Tip your Long Distance Movers

A simple appreciation can go a long way in getting your box safely to its destination. Tipping your long-distance movers shows them how much you value their assistance and also makes them feel they are useful, more accountable, reliable. So, they try their best to keep your belongings safe.


While all the stages that come with a long-distance move, from the prepackaging phase to the pre-packing and actual move, it is indisputable that moving can be stressful. But, it doesn’t have to be so. Make a packing schedule, hire professional movers, keep distance in mind when packing, double-check your belongings, and move during the off-season to avoid the high cost of moving.

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