Legislators in Georgia authorize increased funding for Charter Schools

Atlanta, GA: Legislators in Georgia have approved a measure to increase funding for principals and superintendents of public charter schools.

As per the Georgia Charter Schools Association, House Bill 1122 designates an approximate budget of $6 million to support the following: a principal for each local and state charter school catering to ninth through twelfth grades, a superintendent for state charter schools with a minimum enrollment of 1,000 students, and one principal per 300 students, with a maximum of two principals, for state and local charter schools offering “any combination” of kindergarten through eighth grades.

Additionally, the measure requires the establishment of a “single score” for public institutions and districts by the Georgia Department of Education. Advocates assert that this will enable the citizens of Georgia to assess academic progress and compare districts and institutions.

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In the past, schools were allocated a “single score” or numerical evaluation by education officials through the utilization of the state’s College and Career Ready Performance Index. The U.S. Department of Education, according to a statement by the association, has exempted the state education department from this stipulation.

Tony Roberts, president and CEO of the Georgia Charter Schools Association, stated in an announcement, “We are delighted that charter schools will now receive additional state funding to cover key positions such as superintendents and principals.”

“By allocating these resources, the state is one step closer to closing the funding gap between charter schools and traditional public schools,” according to Roberts. “These additional dollars will ensure public charter schools are better positioned to retain and attract skilled administrators who are focused on improving student outcomes.”

Furthermore, an “enrollment preference,” permits the children of part-time employees to attend the same educational institution as their parents.

Regarding HB 1122, Republican Governor Brian Kemp will have it on his plate. The funding, if approved, will become operational in fiscal year 2026.

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