Lawsuit For Operating Under Influence; Woman Left Disfigured For Life in Phoenix

Phoenix, Arizona: A woman in Arizona has filed a lawsuit against her plastic surgeon, alleging that her procedure was mishandled, causing her significant distress.

Dr. Bradley Becker, a highly experienced plastic reconstructive surgeon, has been serving the community of AZ for over two decades. His Instagram bio states that he specializes in Breast and Body.

Ellsworth mentioned that she underwent a tummy tuck and breast reduction procedure with Dr. Becker.

Ellsworth filed a lawsuit against Becker in Maricopa County Superior Court in September. The lawsuit alleges that the Glendale plastic and reconstructive surgeon committed acts of medical negligence, battery, and intentional infliction of emotional distress.

According to Ellsworth, she detected the scent of alcohol when Dr. Becker approached her prior to the commencement of the operation.

According to the lawsuit, she believed that there was excess skin that should have been removed during the surgery.

Ellsworth had suspicions before the procedure took place.

According to the local report, she had to pay an additional $25,000 for a corrective procedure with another surgeon, on top of the original cost of $16,000.

In order to afford the corrective procedure, Ellsworth’s husband took on an additional job, working tirelessly day and night. Ellsworth claimed that she experienced severe depression that had a negative impact on her marriage.

Dr. Becker refuted any claims of consuming alcohol prior to the surgery in his response to the initial complaint. Additionally, he mentioned that the procedure adhered to the standard of care.

In October, another patient filed a lawsuit against Dr. Becker, making a similar allegation that the plastic surgeon has denied.

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