Latest Innovative Mobile Gaming Technologies

Nearly all modern gambling websites are fully optimized to work on mobile devices. Players can explore games on Android and iOS smartphones, tablets, and iPads, directly on browsers, such as Chrome, Firefox, and Safari. Many casinos also provide dedicated apps you can install on your device.

However, mobile games were not always available. The industry has experienced tremendous evolution over the past decade and continues to grow. Below is a look at six of the latest innovative gaming technologies available on popular casino sites not on GamStop presented on NonGamStopSlots for mobile punters. Obviously, there are many more and every player can try it on their own.

Live Play Casinos

Live play (live dealer) casinos have become inseparable from the online gambling offer. The technology was originally available for desktop users only but has since morphed into options accessible using mobile devices, thanks to advancements in mobile capabilities. Live play casinos involve real human dealers (croupiers) tasked with various functions, including rolling dice, shuffling and dealing cards, spinning roulette wheels, and corresponding with players.

The event is broadcasted live from a real-life casino or dedicated studio, and players join the action using webcams or mobile web conferencing applications. The live play offers an immersive experience that mimics classic land-based casinos, and games are played in real-time. The technology also eliminates the need for random number generators, giving players a more realistic outcome and a fair chance of winning real money.

Cloud Gaming Technology

When online gambling platforms first emerged, players were required to download and install a casino client on their computers. However, technological advancements, especially cloud computing, quickly changed the industry, providing online games without downloading a client. Players can easily register for an account with an online casino and play directly on the browser. Cloud gaming technology is also available for mobile users, with most software providers developing HTML5 games delivered on phone browsers.

The technology has been around for a while but has recently become a popular choice propelled by the advancement of mobile phone capabilities. Players can access the same games available on desktop sites, and casinos are optimized to fit into the small screen on handheld devices. All you need is a compatible browser, which comes as a native app on most smartphones, tablets, and iPads.

Crypto Gambling Technology

Cryptocurrencies became popular in 2008 with the introduction of Bitcoin and blockchain technology. Since then, more cryptos have hit the market. Currently, there are more than a hundred unique digital currencies, and casinos just recently started accepting payments in crypto.

Bitcoin remains the most popular cryptocurrency, so most cryptocurrencies accept BTC payments. Players can also fund their gambling accounts and withdraw winnings using Ethereum, Litecoin, Tether, Dogecoin, and other famous cryptos. Providers have also been busy producing crypto games and products, such as Bitcoin Faucet bonuses, for interested punters. Crypto betting is all about making casino deposits and withdrawals using popular cryptocurrencies and offers a unique experience for players looking to enjoy 100% anonymity online.

Virtual and Augmented Reality Gaming

Virtual reality (VR) has made great steps in the gaming console industry. It is also slowly gaining traction in the online gambling scene and offers a unique proposition for players looking to replicate the immersive atmosphere available in land-based casinos. VR offers an exciting interactive interface that’s more realistic for players looking to explore remote gambling without losing the basic atmosphere. Players can use VR headsets and technologies to explore premium 3D games and interfaces.

It is one of the fastest-growing gaming technologies available for mobile and desktop casinos. Augmented reality (AR) is another growing technology popularized by the Pokémon GO game. It gives players a chance to step out of the confinement of their desks and computers to explore games on their kitchen counters, backyards, and other real-world spaces.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) has impacted various sectors, including the gambling industry. Today’s players have access to many gambling features that rely on AI and smart technologies to provide a seamless gaming experience. One of the best examples of AI’s influence in the gambling industry is live chat customer service.

Through smart chatbots, casinos can answer questions instantly without involving real human personnel. Other examples of AI in gaming include facial recognition, voice recognition, and gesture controls that have transformed avatars and the gaming experience. AI allows casinos to offer efficient services without relying on human personnel. Operators also rely on AI to complete big data analysis and design products based on player inputs.

3D and HD Graphics

Traditional 2D games are no longer an option for casino players, thanks to advancements in graphics technologies. Even the once-esteemed 1080p games look old-fashioned compared to the modern 3D, HD, and 4K graphics and animations. Today’s players have access to crisp, high-quality colours and pixels that provide realistic imagery and interfaces. The games are designed to harness the full potential of modern devices.


Several other mobile gaming technologies have hit the gambling industry within the past few years. Player data protection and geo-location tracking are all evolving to cover mobile users. You can find lots of innovations in the news, such as cloud gaming, live play casinos, and crypto gaming, which are already present in most newly released sites, with others still requiring time to gain a mass following. The industry is also experiencing new game mechanisms and opportunities for mobile punters.