Lady Thief Went on a Shopping Spree After She Stole Credit Card & Gucci bag of a Tourist in Miami restaurant

Miami, FL: A woman stole a designer bag from a tourist in a restaurant in Miami. The bag had several belongings including credit cards, $1,200 in cash, and Cartier glasses valued at over $4000.

The camera in the restaurant caught the woman in a surveillance video. But the woman is still at large. The woman went on a shopping spree with the cash and the credit card she got after she stole the designer bag.

The victim is a chef from Puerto Rico who was in the city for business. Marisoll Hernandez put her black Gucci purse straight off the back of her chair at a restaurant in Miami. A woman came and quickly took off with the purse.

According to the police report, the suspect made credit card purchases at many locations, spending around $1,800 of Hernandez’s money.

She was able to trace the location of her purse using an AirTag she had in it, but even that couldn’t help her find her belongings. Police claimed that if the culprit is apprehended, she will face grand theft charges.

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