LA Mayor Karen Bass ordered cleaning of “The Trash House” in Los Angeles after years of Pile-Up

Los Angeles, CA: The Mayor of Los Angeles, Karen Bass, ordered to clean up a residence where heaps of waste and debris had accumulated to a height of several feet across the whole property’s driveway and fenced-in yard.

On Wednesday, the mayor stated that she had only recently been aware of the Spanish-style cottage located in the Fairfax neighborhood, which locals had referred to as the “trash house in the neighborhood.” The smell that emanates from the hundreds of white waste bags that have accumulated together with the rotting automobiles, heaps of newspapers, cigarette cartons, and other junk has been a source of frequent complaints from the neighbors, who have stated that they have made these complaints on multiple occasions.

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While standing in front of the house, Bass stated that she would give instructions to officials to circumvent the bureaucratic process in order to ensure that the location is cleaned up as soon as possible.

“I don’t want to hear about any process or whatever, this to me is a public health emergency,” Bass said Wednesday. “This is a fire hazard and I worry about the individual there, this place catching fire, him losing his life.”

After several hours, sanitation personnel who were dressed in coveralls and masks arrived and started piling the debris into trucks upon their arrival.

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Over a dozen complaints have been filed with the Department of Building and Safety since July of last year, many of which are connected to improper storage of trash and other items at the property.