Kylie Jenner Net Worth, Personal Life & More!

Kylie Jenner is a model, reality television star, and cosmetics entrepreneur from the United States. Kylie Jenner has an estimated net worth of $750 million. Kylie earns between $40 and $100 million per year from her various ventures. Kylie Cosmetics accounts for the vast majority of Kylie Jenner’s net worth. Kylie sold 51% of her company to Coty Inc. for $600 million in November 2019.

kylie jenner net worth

The company is worth $1.2 billion in total. The value dropped dramatically in the months following the transaction. Although Kylie earned approximately $340 million after taxes from the sale, the value of her remaining 45% stake in the brand has decreased significantly. Kylie spent $130 million in a year, including the sale, on several mansions and a private jet.

Kylie Jenner Net Worth Milestones

Kylie Jenner’s net worth was first tracked by Celebrity Net Worth in November 2011. We estimated that the 14-year-old had a net worth of $300,000 at the time. We increased our estimate to $2 million in June 2013. Her net worth had more than doubled to $4 million by the middle of 2014.

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In July 2016, she became the first person to earn $10 million. Kylie’s net worth began to skyrocket around the middle of 2017. Her net worth was estimated to be $50 million in June 2017. We increased that figure to $200 million in July 2018. We estimated her fortune at $300-400 million in mid-2019, with much of it based on the value of Kylie Cosmetics. Kylie had a net worth of $650 million at the end of 2020 and a net worth of $700 million at the end of 2021.

Early Life

Kylie Jenner was born in Los Angeles, California on August 10, 1997. She is the youngest child of Kris Jenner, a businesswoman, and Bruce Jenner, a former Olympic athlete (who is known today as Caitlyn Jenner). Kendall Jenner is Kylie’s older sister, and her half-siblings include Kim Kardashian, Kourtney and Khloe Kardashian, and Brody Jenner.

kylie jenner net worth

When Keeping Up with the Kardashians premiered on E! on October 14, 2007, Kylie was only ten years old. Today, KUWTK is the longest-running reality show in the United States. Kylie was a regular pre-teen who went to school and was on the cheerleading team during the early years of the show.

Wealth Estimates

According to a Forbes article from 2018, Kylie’s makeup company is worth $800 million. According to the article, Kylie’s company made $307 million in revenue in 2016 and $330 million in profit in 2017. According to the article, Kylie Cosmetics’ revenue has not been growing. In fact, overall revenue increased by only 7% in 2017 and was $70 million lower than predicted in mid-2017. Furthermore, her lip-kit sales were down 35% year on year.

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A much more reasonable multiple, in our opinion at the time, would have been 4x profits, which would have valued the company as a whole at $400 million. She would have received approximately $260 million after taxes if she had been the sole owner.

Kylie Cosmetics

Kylie Jenner’s enormous personal fortune stems from her cosmetics empire. In August 2015, she launched her first product, a lipstick line. The “Kylie Lip Kit” was a huge hit. In September 2015, she launched a personalized website and app.

Kylie Jenner Real Estate

Over the years, Kylie Jenner has bought and sold a number of houses around Southern California. Today she owns at least FIVE mansions in Southern California.

Monthly Expenses

According to a source close to Kris Jenner, Kyle spends $300,000 per month on clothing for herself and her daughter. She is also said to spend $300,000 to $400,000 per month on car payments and security.

kylie jenner net worth

The previously mentioned properties were purchased for a total of $80 million in several transactions. Her annual property tax bill in California is approximately 1% of the purchase price. That means Kylie owes the state of California around $800,000 in property taxes per year, or roughly $67k per month.

Personal Life

Kylie began dating rapper Travis Scott in 2017. In February 2018, they welcomed a daughter. They began living apart in the middle of 2019. Between 2014 and 2017, she was in a relationship with rapper Tyga.

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