Kingdom Season 5: Finally, A Teaser Comes, and the Release Date is Confirmed!

Kingdom is a Japanese television show that debuted in the summer of 2012, created by Pierrot Studios and NHK, Sogo Vision. The show was extremely popular, and audiences adored it as much as they did the original Manga. Following the announcement of season 5, fans are eagerly awaiting its premiere.

Kingdom Season 5 Renewal Status

Season 5 of Kingdom has been confirmed. To announce the fifth season’s production, a teaser image, and a 10-second video were released. The teaser image depicts Kan Ki, one of Qin’s Six Great Generals, and the 10-second film provides a sneak peek at some of the future action.

The fifth season will adapt Chapter 441 of the manga and continue the story of Ri Shin, Ei Sei, and Ou Hon as they ascend to power in China during the Warring States period.

Kingdom Season 5 Release Date

Kingdom Season 5’s release date has been set for January 2024. The news was announced on the Kingdom website, along with a new teaser trailer and image. I’m excited to see how the story progresses and how Ri Shin, Ei Sei, and Ou Hon continue to create history.

Kingdom Season 5 Release Date

Kingdom Season 5 Cast

Cast Character
Yūsuke Kobayashi Ri Shin
Masakazu Morita Ei Sei
Ryota Osaka Ou Hon
Kenji Nojima Kan Ki
Daisuke Hirakawa Mou Bu
Katsuyuki Konishi Shinmen Takeo
Akira Ishida Shoubunkun
Yoshimasa Hosoya Karyo Ten

Kingdom Plotline

Kingdom, an anime, is well-known for its intriguing and captivating plot. During the Warring States Period of ancient China, the seven Chinese kingdoms were continually at odds. Shin, a young orphan youngster with lofty goals to become a great general, is the main character of the show.

Shin, along with his best friend Hyou, joins the army of the State of Qin. Shin realizes his ability for warfare at this time and decides to work toward his dream of becoming history’s greatest general. Shin and his allies embark on a journey filled with challenges, betrayals, and unexpected twists and turns throughout the series.

Kingdom Season 5 Release Date

In several battles and wars, they battled against other kingdoms and their forces. Shin continually demonstrates that he is a natural leader and tactician. He learns from his mistakes and uses his lessons to progress as a general. The program exposes the harrowing truths of war, such as the sacrifices required for victory.

The story is filled with intrigue and political drama as several factions plot and scheme to seize power and authority. Despite the hardships and obstacles, Shin and his companions remain steadfast in their determination to be the best.

How Many Episodes Will Be in Kingdom Season 5?

No one knows yet how many episodes will be in Kingdom Season 5. The past seasons, on the other hand, had 38, 39, 26, and 26 episodes, in that order. So, it’s possible that there will be 26 shows in Season 5.

Season 5 is still being made, so the number of shows could still change. But based on how many shows there were in the last season, 26 is a good guess.

Kingdom Season 5 Trailer

On March 9, 2023, a short video for Season 5 of Kingdom came out. Ri Shin and Ou Hon fight against the Zhao force in the teaser. It also shows a surprise entrance by Kan Ki, one of the Six Great Generals of Qin. To Watch the teaser Click Here.

Where to Watch Kingdom Season 5?

One of the things I like best about the show is how the characters grow and change. Each character’s creation is beautiful and will last, and they all have their own personalities and reasons for being.

Kingdom Season 5 will be available to watch on both Crunchyroll and Funimation. Funimation will be in charge of making the English dub.

The people who do the Japanese voices will be back for the season. Since the season is still being made, there are likely to be more cast reveals in the future.

Kingdom Ratings

IMDb gave the anime series Kingdom an 8.3 out of 10 grade, which means that a lot of people watch it. The show also has a 7.93 rating on MyAnimeList, which adds to its status as a must-see for fans of the genre.


Fans of the show will want to watch Kingdom Season 5 for sure. The teaser video showed that the season will have a lot of political drama and action. The Japanese voice actors coming back is also a good sign since they did a great job bringing the characters to life.

Kingdom Season 5 will come out in January 2024, that much is certain. So, fans will have to wait a little longer to find out what happens next. I think that Kingdom Season 5 could be the best season so far.

The show has been getting better with each season, and I think the people who work on it are really hitting their stride now. I have faith that they will have another great season.

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