Juveniles Arrested in Utah on Drug and Firearms Charges in Millard County

Delta, Utah: Three minors and an adult were arrested by Utah Highway Patrol in Millard County during a drug bust on Monday. Authorities discovered 3,500 THC vape cartridges and a machete in the vehicle, as reported in court documents and by the St. George News.

Police were alerted to a suspect who was reportedly running from authorities in connection with drug trafficking, as stated in an arrest report. Officers executed a maneuver known as a “vehicle takeover,” utilizing tire spikes to stop the suspect’s car.

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Large boxes filled with thousands of marijuana vape cartridges were found inside the SUV, according to an officer. Furthermore, officials discovered approximately 23 grams of psilocybin or shrooms, a sizable machete, and an AK-style airsoft toy gun. The gun was painted black to conceal the orange tip and labeling in an attempt to make it look like a real gun, as stated in the arrest document.

Edgar Omar Aguila, 18 is facing two counts of drug distribution and an unlawful weapon charge as per the officer’s report. He already had a felony charge in Salt Lake City. Upon the recommendation of the arresting patrolman, the judge in this case has ordered Aguila to be held without bail.

Court documents did not disclose any details about the three minors.