How Much is Javier Zanetti Worth? What Does He Do Right Now?

Former Argentine footballer Javier Zanetti has a $14 million fortune. In the records of football history, the name Javier Zanetti stands tall among the greats.

He was widely regarded as one of the game’s greatest players because of how long he dominated it. Former Argentine footballer Zanetti won honors with both his club and national teams.

Quick Facts About Javier Zanetti

Net Worth:$14 Million
Name:Javier Zanetti
Salary:$1 million +
Date of Birth:August 10, 1973
Age:49 Yrs
Height:1.78m. (5’10”)
Profession:Former football player

Javier Zanetti Early Life

On August 10, 1973, in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Javier Adelmar Zanetti entered the world. Because his parents are of Italian descent, he comes from a working-class background.

He grew up in the notorious neighborhood of Dock Sud. His parents were both working class; his dad laid bricks and his mom cleaned houses. He had a difficult childhood, and no one encouraged him when he wanted to play football.

He had to stay in school and help out with the family business. He worked as a milk deliveryman, a store clerk, and in other places. He tied the knot with his longtime sweetheart Paula de la Fuente in the year 1999. They have a daughter and two sons, and his wife is a photographer.

Javier Zanetti Net Worth

Javier Zanetti is one of the soccer players with the most money and is on the list of the most popular soccer players. Based on what we know and what Wikipedia says, Javier Zanetti is worth $14 million.

Javier Zanetti Career and Awards

In 1982, Javier Zanetti began his professional career by signing with the local Argentine club Independiente, for whom he would play until 1989. After a successful childhood, he joined Talleres and played youth football for the team in 1991 and 1992.

javier zanetti net worth

In 1992, he made the jump to Talleres’s first team, where he spent one season (and 33 appearances) contributing to the team’s success by scoring once. In 1993, he became a member of Banfield, and he stayed with the band until 1995. Four goals were scored by him in 66 total games played.

He began playing football for Inter Milan in 1995 and remained there until 2014. He played in 858 games for Inter Milan, making him the club’s all-time leader in appearances. He finished his career with 12 goals scored and a treble among other honors.

In 2001, he was promoted to captain, a position he held until his death. With Milan, he set a record by collecting 16 trophies. He has also excelled for his country’s team.

He was on the field for 145 games and contributed five tallies. The Copa America in 2004 and 2007 and the Confederations Cup in 1995 and 2005 all saw him advance to the finals.

Javier Zanetti Relationship

According to our records, Javier Zanetti married Paula Zanetti. As of 2023, Javier Zanetti is currently single. We have no record of Javier Zanetti’s previous relationships.

Javier Zanetti Real Estate

javier zanetti net worth

Home: In Argentina, Javier Zanetti is a very well-known name. He has played football for a long time, and many people think he is the best player of his generation. He is a vice president of Inter Milan and lives in Milan at the moment. He owns several properties there, including a beautiful house on Lake Como.

Car Collection: Javier Zanetti has had some very nice cars for a long time, and he really enjoys driving them all. He has a Porsche, a Ferrari, a Bentley, and a few more.

What is Javier Zanetti Doing Currently?

He is currently Inter’s vice president. In Argentina, he began his professional career with Talleres and then Banfield. From 2001 until his retirement in 2014, he captained the Italian club Inter Milan, for whom he played from 1995 to 2014.

Final Words

Javier Zanetti is a former Argentine footballer who has a $14 million fortune and is widely regarded as one of the game’s greatest players.

He began his professional career with Independiente and Talleres and scored four goals in 66 games. Javier Zanetti is a well-known footballer who has played for Inter Milan and Argentina and is currently Inter’s vice president. He is married to Paula Zanetti and owns several properties and a car collection.

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