Is Miles and Karen Still Together in 2023?

Season 11 of Married at First Sight took place in New Orleans, with couples like Amelia Fatsi and Bennett Kirschner, Olivia Cornu and Brett Lindschner, Karen Landry and Miles Williams, Amani Aliyya and Woody Randall, and Henry Rodriguez and Christina Croce bringing the drama… and, more importantly, the love!

This season saw the first-ever wedding of a couple who had never met before, as well as the first-ever wedding in which the bride learned the groom’s identity before walking down the aisle.

Due to the widespread of the coronavirus, the couples in Season 11 endured the longest experiment in the series’ history, lasting for nearly twice as long as the usual eight weeks. Continue reading to learn how the couples from Season 11 of Married at First Sight, are doing in the year 2023.

Are Karen and Miles Still Together from MAFS?

Seeing the many couples on a show like “Married at First Sight” develop and grow during the season is one of the most interesting parts of watching the show. Some of the couples are instant favorites, while others take more time to develop, keeping viewers on the edge of their seats until Decision Day. That’s what happened in the eleventh season with Karen and Miles.

Throughout the season, people saw how different Karen’s guarded personality was from Miles’ outgoing one. Karen was reluctant to let him in and often held her emotions in check, although Miles was eager to build a connection with his new wife. Although many viewers were confused by Karen’s apparent lack of emotion when interacting with Miles, the show’s producers had a specific goal in mind when they paired them.

Is Miles and Karen Still Together

The experts recommended Miles as Karen’s partner because he possesses the patience and understanding she so desperately needed. Although Karen and Miles’s relationship progressed more slowly than that of other couples on the show, they still managed to shock viewers by deciding to remain married on Decision Day.

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Karen, in the October 2020 episode, acknowledged Miles‘ compassion and kindness despite the season’s difficulties. “One thing that I adore about you and will always appreciate about you is simply like, your heart, how generous you are,” she told him. “Furthermore, I hope to keep my marriage together.”

Karen and Miles decided to launch a YouTube channel after the show ended so that they could share their newlywed life with their fans. Many people were cheering for the duo and following their every move. However, reports began circulating in September 2022 that the pair had split up. Followers of both Karen and Miles noted that they had stopped seeing each other in each other’s social media posts after one of them unfollowed the other.

What Went Wrong With The Couple?

It was clear that Karen and Miles were not meant to be together on the show, even before their fateful meeting at the altar. Viewers may recall that Karen wanted to call off the wedding after she saw Miles‘ Instagram and concluded that his posts demonstrated he was too sensitive and emotional. They got married anyway.

Is Miles and Karen Still Together

Karen was criticized for appearing cold and unfeeling. When everyone else seemed to think Miles was the man of their dreams, Karen was confused. Over the experiment’s eight weeks, they showed remarkable growth. While Karen worked through the trauma from her past, Miles learned to be patient with her. Karen figured out how to let Miles in after some trial and error. That day, they decided to be united no matter what.

Karen and Miles Married at First Sight Relationship Timeline

Karen and Miles were matched by experts on “Married at First Sight” and faced many challenges in their relationship. Miles was immediately smitten with Karen, but she was more reserved and unsure if she was attracted to him. They struggled with physical intimacy, with Karen admitting she had never been physically affectionate in a relationship before. In week 5, they had their first major argument about Karen’s lack of affection and Miles’ passivity. In week 7, they went on a romantic weekend getaway where they struggled to find common ground about their physical relationship.

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As the season progressed, Karen continued to struggle with her feelings for Miles and her reluctance to commit, while Miles became increasingly frustrated with her lack of affection and emotional openness. However, they continued to work on their relationship and sought guidance from the show’s experts. In the final weeks of the season, they had to decide whether to stay married or get a divorce. Karen expressed doubts about their communication styles and emotional connection, but Miles was determined to make it work. They ultimately decided to stay married, but it remains to be seen if their relationship will last beyond the show.


Season 11 of Married, at First Sight, saw the first wedding of a couple who had never met before and the first where the bride learned the groom’s identity before the ceremony. Due to the pandemic, the couples endured the longest experiment in the show’s history. Karen and Miles decided to remain married on Decision Day, despite progressing slowly compared to other couples. They launched a YouTube channel after the show but split up in September 2022, despite showing remarkable growth during the experiment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Karen and Miles Still Married in 2023?

Two couples from season 11 of Married, at First Sight, are still together in 2023. Two couples from season 11 of Married, at First Sight, are still together in 2023. Karen and Miles, as well as Amani and Woody, are still together two years after the 2021 premiere of their season.

What is Karen’s Occupation from Married at First Sight?

Karen, 30 years old, grew up in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and has worked in the field of human resources in New Orleans since graduating.

Who is Miles Married at First Sight Girl?

A couple of episodes of Made in Chelsea featuring Ella May Ding were quite dramatic. The Married at First Sight Australia celebrity flew from Australia to England solely for Miles Nazaire, only for the West London rake to essentially reject her.

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