Indiana Man Accused of Distributing Child Pornography on Social Media Sites, arrested by Police

Greenfield, IN: A man from Greenfield is facing charges of extortion for allegedly receiving naked photos and videos from minors. He is accused of sexually abusing a 12-year-old girl and allegedly met up with young girls out of state.

In an alleged Instagram post, the man boasted, “I groomed this lil girl,” praising the “easy” task of manipulating his young victims.

Federal charges include sexual exploitation of a minor, distribution of child sexual abuse material, possession of child sexual abuse material, and compulsion and seduction of a minor to participate in criminal sexual activity. Bobby Cyprus Linhart, 21, is 21 years old.

The investigation into Linhart commenced on May 13, according to the United States Attorney’s Office Southern District of Indiana. The tip regarding the uploading of child sexual abuse material to accounts on Instagram, Snapchat, and X (formerly Twitter) came from a user known as “maps.syb.”

According to court records, Linhart is the one behind the “maps.syb” profile. Allegedly, Linhart would utilize his social media accounts to have sexually explicit chats with minors and even pressure them into providing him naked and explicit videos and photographs of themselves.

Minors from various Indiana towns, including Union Mills, Fort Wayne, South Bend, and Rushville, are among Linhart’s victims.

Linhart drove to Kentucky on one occasion to meet with young girls, according to investigators. At least one incident involves accusations that Linhart sexually abused a girl who was twelve years old.

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The prosecution also claims that Linhart shared the graphic child pornographic photos he had obtained from his victims.

Court filings show that Linhart boasted of using the girls for sexual favors and sexual movies in multiple chats connected to his Instagram account. He also said that the girls were “too ez fr.”

Other minors who were victims of Linhart are reportedly still missing, according to investigators. Click here to submit a tip or contact (317) 595-3300 if you or your child was a victim of abuse or coercion after interacting with the “maps.syb” web profile.

The Greenfield residence was searched by the police on March 19. A 9mm handgun was among the many substances and technological gadgets seized by the authorities, who also discovered graphic photographs of sexual assault of children.

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The severity of Linhart’s jail term will be decided by a federal court judge upon conviction.

The federal allegation of coercion and inducement against Linhart carries a maximum sentence of fifteen years in prison.

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