How to View Insights on an Instagram Post or Reel

Instagram Social Media Influencers have many tools at their disposal to evaluate what their followers most desire in content from them. One of these tools is Insights which allows you to look at how many times a post was liked, commented on, shared, and saved in people’s Instagram post collection. For Instagram reels, you can also see how many times people viewed them.

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How to View Insights on an Instagram Post

To view insights on an Instagram post, first, go to the posts section on your Instagram profile. Click on the icon that has nine small boxes inside of a larger box. Then, scroll until you find the post in which you wish to view its insights.

Click on the post and look underneath the picture or clip where it says “View Insights” in blue. From there, you can see how many accounts you reached, likes, comments, saves, and shares.

How to View Insights on an Instagram Reel

This is fairly the same procedure, except with a few different steps. Start by going to your profile. Go to the reels section, which is depicted by an icon with a play button which is next to the posts icon.

Scroll until you find the reel in which you wish to discover the insights. Click on the reel and find the icon with the three dots in a vertical column at the bottom right of the screen. A list will generate. The fourth option down is “View Insights” next to a small bar graph. Select this view of all the reel’s engagement statistics.

What Information Do Instagram Insights Show?

Instagram insights show content creators valuable information about how their posts or reel performed on the social media platform. Viewing this information can help you to evaluate how many of your followers are seeing your content. You can also see which type of posts and what content topics perform the best for your account.

Number of Plays (Reels Only)

For Instagram reels, it will show you many times it has been viewed. Multiple views could come from one account alone, especially since reels play in a continuous loop until someone swipes up to view the next reel or exits out of reels completely.


Likes are depicted by hearts on Instagram. More likes on your posts or reels mean they are engaging to your audience. If likes are too low, then that means you need to find ways to make your content more interesting to further engage your audience.


The number of comments tracks how many of your followers left a sentence or emoji as a reaction to your post or reel. Comments number also includes any that you leave to reply to your followers on the post or reel.


When people press the triangular paper airplane and send their post or reel to someone on Instagram or Facebook, that counts under the shared number. More shares mean that your content was so engaging that viewers wanted to share it with their friends, too!


Instagram members can save posts and reels for future reference in their collections. Depending on your niche, a follower may want to remember key information from your post. Therefore, they save it in their collection so they can refer back to it and not forget this valuable information.

Account Reach

The account reach is the number of followers and non-followers that viewed your reel or saw your post at least once. More than likely, more non-followers are going to have viewed your content than current followers because of the hashtags and other ways in which they were exposed to the content.

Engagement (Posts Only)

You will see engagement statistics for posts only. This number shows how many people have left alike, saved the post, commented on it, or shared it with others.

Impressions (Posts Only)

Impressions are also another post-only statistic. Impressions are the sources of where the people who saw your post found it. Most find the post from the Explore section by viewing a random grouping of posts based on past subjects they viewed. Others may have found your post by browsing different hashtags that you included when posting your content. Different viewers may have seen it from the home section.

How to Enhance Future Posts and Reels With Insights Information

Make your future posts better by seeing which type of content has gotten the most likes and interactions. Create content like that successful post and try to use the same or similar hashtags to get the same engagement on future posts.

Get creative and try new ways to deliver content in your niche that hasn’t been tried before. You never know how your creativity can make a viewer’s day.


How have you used Instagram Insights to improve your posts and reels as a content creator? Let us know your tips and tricks in the comments below!