What Will Be Better for Your Business: To Hire an in-house Copywriter, or Outsource a Freelance Copywriter?

Having a good content writer is one of the key success factors of any online project, apart from a good web design, usability, an innovative business idea, or a complete SEO strategy. You may have heard the famous phrase that says that content is king. And without a doubt, a good writer is in charge of getting good content.

The creation of new and updated content is what keeps the project alive. But not only that. The content of an online project has to be focused on standing out on the Internet. Your copywriter must know how to SEO positioning, know how to get ahead of your competition to get more visits, in addition, to get texts easy to read and of interest to your target audience.

Aware of the need to generate quality content and be oriented to its digital media publication, we ask ourselves the eternal question: hire an in-house copywriter, or outsource a freelance copywriter?

In most cases, it is better not to have specialized staff. Although we have to generate content regularly, the volumes are usually not so high as to justify a payroll. Therefore, it is better to contact a freelance writer or a pape3r writer. But is it always a good idea?

Here we will break down further the advantages and disadvantages of having a freelance writer for your company and show you an interesting alternative.


Anyone who knows how to write can write some product descriptions or complete the content of the “about us” page. But the truth is that copywriters can generate much more content, more specific and faster than most people. It’s their trade, and they have to structure the content for many sites daily.

  • When a content writer receives an order, the first thing he or she does is a briefing. You need to know what the business is, the company is, its history and work philosophy, etc.
  • The company information is fundamental to knowing the tone when writing, the topics that can favor the business, and the brand image that the company wants to convey.
  • Once you have all the necessary information, proceed to define the content structure. You have to specify with the client how many words will be written for each page, category, and product.
  • If the copywriting briefing is well done, it will indicate all the sections to be worked on and the most convenient keywords to be targeted with each content.
  • Once the writing is finished, one or more subsequent revisions will be made to ensure the logical order, spelling, grammar, and other linguistic factors.
  • In the same way, the SEO review of the content will be carried out, ensuring technical and readability factors that provide the right signals to the crawling robots of the different search engines.

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You can save money:

The work of an editor is quite specific, so it is better to have a person with the necessary knowledge to write good content. As we said before, a person who knows how to write is not the same as a content writer.

Even if you decide to hire someone just to write content, assigning them to work to take up the whole day is not always possible. This is because the heaviest writing workload coincides with the launch of the website. After that, the volume of content required is usually not as high, although it is important to be consistent and keep the content up to date.

Diversity of preparing topics:

Another advantage of being able to count on the specific services of a freelance writer is also worth mentioning. Generally, there are editors with more knowledge in some subjects than in others. Therefore, if your website deals with different topics, you can count on the service of the writer that best suits the occasion.

For these reasons, it is efficient to hire the work of a freelance writer. You are paid for your services until the project is completed or the contract is fulfilled. Being a freelancer allows the company to deduct the full amount of tax, saves social security costs, and you can count on their services only when necessary. Therefore, there are many advantages of hiring a freelance writer for the content of a website, blog, or e-commerce.


A freelance writer works for many clients simultaneously, and there may be many occasions when you have a bottleneck when ordering your content. For this reason, many turnaround and publishing times can take longer than necessary.

Keep in mind that all that extra waiting time, even if it’s not much, can be used by competitors to introduce new content that is being positioned while you wait.

The Complication in management:

Having several writers should not be a problem, but each one has its dynamics and work tools, deadlines, and dynamics of correction and communication. All this will cause you to accumulate a series of management tasks that can make you lose focus on your work’s really important.

Administrative burden:

If you have several categories or several web projects, you will be forced to contact several writers specialized in each of them.

The more writers you have, the more complex it will be to manage the administrative burden of deliveries, invoicing, and other related work.

So, only you can make a decision in-house about a freelance writer hired for your project. But the last one pretty good choice.

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