High-Speed Pursuit Led Arrests Of Car Jackers In Berkeley

Authorities report that Berkeley police officers assisted in apprehending individuals in a stolen vehicle who were attempting to escape from Richmond police on Thursday afternoon.

Authorities stated that Berkeley officers provided assistance in the investigation when the Richmond police chase entered Berkeley.

An incident unfolded in Richmond around 4 p.m. as officers noticed a motorist driving recklessly and exceeding the speed limit near Cutting and Carlson boulevards, according to the Richmond Police Department.

According to authorities, when Richmond officers apprehended the vehicle and ran a license plate check, they discovered that it had been stolen in a carjacking.
According to authorities, Richmond police initiated a pursuit of the carjacked vehicle, receiving support from a CHP helicopter.

Residents in Berkeley were quick to alert The Scanner when a high-speed chase came to an end in their city. Witnesses reported seeing Berkeley Police Department vehicles speeding down Adeline Street towards Oakland, with a helicopter circling overhead. According to one individual, there seems to be something that has just passed the signs in that direction.

As Berkeley police were arriving in North Oakland, two individuals quickly exited the vehicle near Martin Luther King Jr. Way and 55th Street, according to authorities.

Authorities reported that both individuals were apprehended by officers, with one of them attempting to hide inside a gas station.

Based on initial reports, authorities have made one arrest. Further information was not provided at the time of publication.