‘Happy Ending’ Lost Pup Reunited With Owner After It Went Missing During Arctic Blast in Fort Worth

Fort Worth, TX: A lost puppy was reunited with his owner following a spectacular team effort to locate him.

Jerry went missing almost a week ago during the latest Arctic blast. His owner became distraught after he fled in Fort Worth near Benbrook. The owner and her pals took to the internet to inform everyone that Jerry had gone missing. The story of her missing closest buddy immediately traveled through different social media platforms, including Nextdoor, Facebook, and Craigslist.

Jerry, according to the owner, is a cautious, jittery dog, which makes it difficult to find a lost puppy.

After a few days of no luck and temps below freezing, Jerry’s owner began to lose faith, but then a resident in the Mary’s Creek area noticed something on one of his security cameras—it was a dog in a drainage tunnel behind his home.

He decided to go the extra mile and fly his drone to get a better look, and a stunning video proves that it was certainly Jerry.

With Jerry’s location determined, rescuers were able to move in, reconnect him with his appreciative owner, and provide a happy ending.

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