Guns, Drugs and Cash Confiscated Near 3 Schools; Suspect Arrested in Las Vegas

Las Vegas, Nevada: Clark County school police confiscated firearms, bullets, a Tesla model from 2023, and a substantial amount of money from an individual believed to be involved in the illicit sale of drugs to students.

Last week, court documents revealed that the Clark County School District Police Department (CCSDPD) discovered and seized eight firearms during a search warrant operation at a residence in Las Vegas. The house in question was located near Washington Avenue and Tenaya Way, and the incident occurred on November 8, 2023.

The weapons included five pistols, a ghost gun, a shotgun, and a rifle. CCSDPD has confirmed the arrest of Edgardo Rios on charges related to drugs and weapons.

Information about the warrant was revealed in a Complaint of Forfeiture CCSDPD filed. There are four schools located within a two-mile radius of that house.

Officers also discovered numerous boxes of ammunition, two exquisite diamond bracelets, and a substantial amount of cash totaling $40,491.

Based on official documents, officers from CCSDPD were alerted to a concerning situation involving an individual who was reportedly attempting to sell drugs on school grounds.

According to police, Rios is accused of sharing videos and photos on social media that allegedly show him engaging in illegal activities, including selling drugs to CCSD students, displaying firearms, and recording encounters with CCSDPD.

There have been 34 guns confiscated by school police, both on and off campus, from August of 2023 to mid-December. The concerns surrounding the impact of violence and gun confiscations on CCSD students’ ability to learn are growing.

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