Fourth location in Florida: Buc-ee’s submits plans

In an exciting development for Florida residents and travelers alike, the renowned Texas-based gas station chain, Buc-ee’s, has taken a significant step towards expanding its unique blend of convenience and novelty within the Sunshine State.

The company officially submitted detailed plans for what is set to become its fourth Floridian outpost, choosing a strategic location in St. Lucie County for its newest endeavor.

The submission, made to St. Lucie County’s planning authorities on Tuesday, outlines a grand vision for the proposed gas station. Buc-ee’s is targeting a prime piece of real estate for this venture: the southeast corner of Indrio Road and Interstate 95.

This location, nestled in the northern part of St. Lucie County, promises to leverage the heavy traffic and visibility that comes with proximity to one of the state’s major thoroughfares, potentially making it a bustling hub for both locals and interstate travelers seeking the unique Buc-ee’s experience.

Before Buc-ee’s can bring its famous Beaver Nuggets and extensive range of services to North St. Lucie County, the plans must undergo a rigorous review process. Initially, two committees will examine the proposal in detail to ensure it meets the region’s development and environmental standards.

Following this, St. Lucie County commissioners will have the opportunity to offer their input. According to a county spokesperson who spoke with NBC affiliate WPTV, this comprehensive review process is expected to span several months, underscoring the careful consideration and planning that goes into expanding the Buc-ee’s footprint.

Should the proposal receive the green light from county officials, the St. Lucie location will join the ranks of Buc-ee’s expanding presence in Florida. Currently, enthusiasts of the chain’s wide aisles, clean bathrooms, and extensive selection of snacks and souvenirs can visit its existing stores in St. Augustine and Daytona Beach.

Furthermore, a third Buc-ee’s store, heralded to be the world’s largest with over 100 gas pumps, received approval to break ground along Interstate 75 in northern Marion County, with its grand opening anticipated next year.

This latest development signifies Buc-ee’s continued commitment to providing unparalleled convenience and a unique shopping experience to its customers, further cementing its status as a beloved roadside staple not just in Texas, but across the states it serves.

As the anticipation builds, Florida residents and Buc-ee’s aficionados eagerly await the arrival of another landmark store that promises to offer more than just fuel, but a memorable stop in their travel journeys.