Florida Teacher Arrested on Molestation and Sexual Assault Charges

Sunrise, FL: Authorities in Southern Florida have detained a high school teacher on charges of assaulting and engaging in sexual acts with one of his students.

According to an arrest record acquired by CBS Miami on Tuesday, 37-year-old Piper High School instructor Rafael Guzman is facing one count of an authority figure soliciting or engaging in sexual activity with a pupil at the school in Sunrise, Broward County, approximately 32 miles north of Miami.

The 17-year-old accuser claims that last Thursday, the teacher invited her to remain after class and told her to turn off the lights before they walked to his office, where she claims he sexually assaulted and raped her.

The adolescent reportedly informed officials that Guzman, a teacher in the district since 2018, offered her $100 and urged her “not to feel bad” after she mentioned Guzman.

According to CBS Miami, Guzman confessed to doing the sex act on the pupil, kissing and touching her, before he found out he was being arrested.

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According to a representative from Broward Public Schools, who talked with the media source, the standard procedure in such circumstances is to relocate the accused to an office alone while the inquiry is underway.

After being released from prison on $50,000 bond, Guzman is ordered to wear a GPS monitor. He is also prohibited from contacting the victim or any other kids, and he is not allowed to go near the school.

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