Discover Top 7 Picture Perfect Instagrammable Places in Pawhuska, Oklahoma

Nestled in the heart of Osage County, Oklahoma, Pawhuska offers a rich tapestry of cultural, historical, and natural beauty, making it a haven for photographers and travelers alike. This small town, immortalized by its association with the Pioneer Woman, Ree Drummond, is a mosaic of picturesque spots, each telling its own unique story. Let’s embark on a visual journey through Pawhuska’s most Instagrammable locales and hidden gems.

1. The Mercantile: A Pioneer Woman’s Haven

The Mercantile, a destination in itself for fans of Ree Drummond, is not just a place for culinary delights and shopping. Its beautiful facade and charming interiors make it a must-visit for capturing the essence of Pawhuska’s revitalized downtown area​​​​.

2. Osage Language Mural: A Cultural Tapestry

This striking mural, designed by artist Ryan Red Corn, adorns the side of the Osage Language Center. It not only adds vibrant colors to the cityscape but also offers insights into the Osage Nation’s rich heritage and language​​​​.

3. Timeless Wagon: Rustic Charm

Next to The Mercantile’s parking lot, a green wagon presents a quintessentially rustic and authentic photo opportunity. It’s a simple yet evocative symbol of Pawhuska’s historical roots​​.

4. Downtown Pawhuska: Architectural Beauty

The downtown area, with its myriad of photographic spots, showcases the town’s architectural diversity. From historic buildings to modern establishments, downtown Pawhuska is a visual delight for any photographer​​​​.

5. Drummond Ranch: A Peek into the Pioneer Life

For fans of “The Pioneer Woman,” a visit to Drummond Ranch is essential. Though the lodge tour needs to be arranged, the ranch’s surroundings offer ample picturesque vistas​​​​.

6. Constantine Theater: A Historic Venue

Once an opera house, the Constantine Theater now serves as a vibrant event space. Its colorful exterior and rich history make it a standout spot for photography​​​​.

7. Tallgrass Prairie Preserve: Nature’s Canvas

About thirty minutes from Pawhuska, this preserve is home to nearly three thousand bison. The natural prairie habitat presents an unmissable opportunity for wildlife and landscape photography​​​​.

Additional Pawhuska Attractions

While the seven spots listed are prime for photography, Pawhuska offers more to explore:

  • Osage Nation Museum: Dedicated to the history and culture of the Osage Nation, this museum is an educational treasure​​.
  • Immaculate Conception Church: Famous for its historic stained-glass windows and dubbed the “Cathedral of the Osage”​​.
  • Fire Station #1: An early nineteenth-century firehouse turned art gallery​​.
  • Louise Snyder Park: Offers a splendid view of the City Hall​​.
  • Woolaroc: A 3700-acre wildlife preserve and museum, especially enchanting during Christmas with its unique light display​​.
  • Antiquing at Sister’s Attic: A haven for antique lovers​​.
  • The Buckin’ Flamingo: For those seeking quirky souvenirs and local artwork​​.


Pawhuska, Oklahoma, is a blend of history, culture, and natural beauty. Its myriad of Instagrammable spots make it a photographer’s dream and a delightful getaway for travelers seeking to capture the essence of a vibrant, small-town America. Whether it’s the allure of the Pioneer Woman’s Mercantile or the tranquility of the Tallgrass Prairie, Pawhuska promises a visual feast for the eyes and the lens.