Discover 15 Strange Florida Laws You May Have Already Broken

Florida, known for its sunny beaches and vibrant culture, is also home to some of the most peculiar laws in the United States. These laws range from the seemingly absurd to the downright bizarre.

Understanding these laws can be both amusing and enlightening, especially if you’re a resident or planning to visit the Sunshine State. Let’s dive into 15 of these unusual laws that might surprise you.

  1. Skateboarding License Required: In Florida, you legally need a license to skateboard, as per Statute 316.0085​​.
  2. Men and Strapless Dresses: There’s a law that prohibits men from wearing strapless dresses in Florida​​.
  3. Cohabitation Rules: A somewhat outdated law from 1868 states it’s illegal for unmarried couples to live together​​.
  4. No Gossiping: Chapter 836 of the Florida Statutes makes it illegal to gossip​​.
  5. Animal Impersonation Prohibition: Oddly enough, imitating an animal is against the law in Florida​​.
  6. Singing in Swimsuits: In Florida, singing while wearing a swimsuit is illegal, a peculiar law considering the state’s popular beaches​​.
  7. Naked Showering: Believe it or not, there’s a law that prohibits showering naked​​.
  8. Horse Theft and Hanging: Stealing a horse in Florida is punishable by hanging, a severe and archaic law​​.
  9. Illegal Barrel Rolling: In Pensacola, barreling down the street is considered illegal​​.
  10. No Parking in Intersections: It’s illegal to park in an intersection in Florida​​.
  11. Clothesline Ban: There’s a law that prohibits hanging clothes on a clothesline to dry​​.
  12. Cottage Cheese Curfew: In Tampa Bay, eating cottage cheese after 6 pm on Sundays is illegal​​.
  13. Elephant Parking Fees: If you tie an elephant to a parking meter, the same vehicle fee must be paid​​.
  14. Hairdryer Nap Fines: Falling asleep under a hairdryer can result in a fine for both the person and the salon​​.
  15. Prohibition of Selling Children: There’s a law that explicitly makes it illegal to sell your children​​.

These laws, while peculiar, are a testament to the unique and sometimes quirky legal history of Florida. While some of these laws are rarely, if ever, enforced, they remain a fascinating part of the state’s legislative landscape. As a resident or visitor, it’s both entertaining and beneficial to be aware of these unusual statutes, if only to avoid any accidental law-breaking during your time in Florida.