Court paperwork reveal shocking information in 10-year-old Maine child’s death

Documents filed in court have disclosed shocking new information regarding the death of a kid who was ten years old and lived in Bangor, Maine.

The charges against his parents and grandmother include murder by callous disregard.

The interviews that the police conducted with Braxtyn Smith’s parents and grandmother are detailed in the affidavits. These interviews include the parents’ and grandmother’s history with the boy as well as their account of the day he passed away.

According to Jem Beam, Braxtyn Smith’s mother, she informed the police that her son was experiencing symptoms of illness on February 17. She and Braxtyn Smith’s father then phoned Mistie Latourette, Braxtyn Smith’s grandmother, to come and take care of him.

Even before Beam started performing cardiopulmonary resuscitation on him, all three of them told the police that they were monitoring his breathing.

They took him to the hospital on February 18 after a period of time had passed. It took twenty-five minutes to resuscitate him, but Braxtyn Smith passed away later that evening.

Interviews with the police reveal that both Braxtyn Smith’s parents and the grandmother had a history of controlling the child, including the use of physical punishment and problems with the youngster not eating.

According to the records, Joshua Smith, Braxtyn Smith’s father, acknowledged to punching the boy in the head. Additionally, Braxtyn Smith’s mother detailed an incident in which Joshua Smith punched Braxtyn Smith in the stomach and knocked him to the ground.

According to the affidavit, Braxtyn Smith’s father sent a text message to his grandmother in which he said, “Little one is super tired and I’m going to slap him already so it should be fun.”

Braxytn Smith was bound with zip ties more than once, according to all three of the charges. During the time when the youngster was throwing a tantrum, they utilized zip ties to confine him, and they described the boy as being stubborn.

Even while he was sleeping, he was allegedly restrained with a zip-tie. Moreover, they reported to the authorities that he frequently refused to consume food, and his grandmother disclosed to the authorities that she had proposed withholding food from Braxtyn Smith as a form of consequence.

After serving as a state senator in the past and founding Walk a Mile in Their Shoes, Bill Diamond believes that the claims should serve as a wake-up call to the people of Maine.

According to Diamond, “It’s the kind of thing that you read about, and it just makes you sick from the stomach.” Therefore, it is imperative that we bring this matter to the forefront of public attention so that individuals are aware of what is taking place and may be able to put an end to it.
According to the findings of the medical examiner’s office, Braxtyn Smith’s death was a homicide. These findings include the presence of burn scars and bruising on his body, as well as the fact that his condition was compatible with battered child syndrome.

The court proceedings on Friday included the arraignment of all three members of the family.

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