Controversial Gag Order Issued by Court in Cop’s Murder Case in Alabama

Decatur, AL: As part of the investigation into the murder of a former Decatur police officer, a motion to place a gag order was granted by a judge in Morgan County.

Mac Marquette is being charged with the murder of Steve Perkins, who was shot and killed during the process of reclaiming his pickup truck in September of last year.

For reasons related to publicity prior to the trial, the prosecution is requesting that the judge prevent all parties from discussing the matter. It was decided to allow the motion, however there will be a hearing on April 8.

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Joey Williams, Vance Summers, and Christopher Mukkadam were the three other cops that were there in addition to their colleague, Marquette. During the previous month, Mayor Tab Bowling of Decatur terminated the employment of three of the police and suspended another officer. This decision has been contested by each of the officers.

Following an attempt by Marquette to prevent his vehicle from being towed, Perkins was fatally shot and killed on September 29 outside of his residence. Perkins intervened at first to prevent the driver of the tow truck from pulling his vehicle, but the driver eventually came back with the police. Nevertheless, footage from security cameras that was captured on that particular evening reveals that the officers never revealed their identities and instead hid next to Perkins’ house and across the street after they arrived at his residence.

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By the time an officer arrived from around the corner of the home, Perkins had already gone outside and was attempting to get the driver of the tow truck to halt once more. Approximately one second after issuing a directive to Perkins, the officer opened fire nineteen times, resulting in the death of Perkins.

When asked about it during the question and answer portion of the news conference, Anderson stated that he would not be making the body camera film available to the public because it has the potential to taint the view of the jury pool. Anderson did mention that he had communication with Perkins’ family and that he had provided them with the opportunity to examine the film from the body camera.

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