Christine Quinn’s Estranged Husband Christian Dumontet Slapped With Child Abuse and Assault in Los Angeles

The tech entrepreneur Dumontet was arrested over a month ago after an alleged domestic incident at the house of a former couple involving their 2-year-old son Christian. Now, the Los Angeles City Attorney’s office has brought charges against him.

Sources from the City Attorney’s office confirmed that Dumontet has been charged with child abuse or endangerment, assault, and breaking a protection order. The first court date is June 4.

For her part, Quinn’s lawyer Jacqueline Sparagna told E! News, “We are very pleased with the Los Angeles City Attorney’s office’s decision to bring three separate charges against Mr. Dumontet.”

Authorities say Dumontet threw a bag holding glass at Quinn on March 19, and the glass hit their son by accident. At the time, cops and paramedics called the scene and treated the child, but they did not take him to the hospital.

After making bail, Dumontet was arrested again the next day for breaking the emergency protective order given to Quinn by going back to the family’s home.

In court papers he filed on March 26 asking for a restraining order against Quinn, Dumontet rejected the charges against him.

Records also showed that the 44-year-old man did not throw a glass bag at Quinn. Instead, they said, he picked up a trash bag from the floor and threw it against the wall on the side of the room.

Dumontet filed for divorce from the Selling Sunset star on April 5, saying that they could no longer get along. The papers also ask for full legal and physical custody of the son of the couple who are no longer together and ask the court to stop Quinn from getting spousal support.