California Man Molested Several Kids and that Too Several Times; Judge Threw Monster Behind Bars for Life

A man from the Auburn area got 135 years in jail for doing inappropriate acts to several kids younger than six.

On Tuesday, Adam Bendell, who is 28 years old, got his sentence.

The court said that Bendell took advantage of the fact that he was dating a child’s mother and had access to the children and touched them improperly during “bedtime” or “nap time.” The abuse got worse over time.

Three kids told a family member about inappropriate behavior happening with an adult in February 2021, which is when the Placer County Sheriff’s Office got a report.

After talking to the victims, who were between the ages of three and six, Bendell was found to have touched them improperly many times. Bendell picked on his victims and abused them more and more, making them afraid that if they told anyone, they would get in trouble.

Bendell was found guilty on March 5.

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