Blood Gang Members Arrested in New Jersey after Cops Busted Drug Traffickers’ Location while Tracking Chats

Newark, NJ: U.S. Attorney Philip Sellinger announced the indictment of nine individuals for their roles in a narcotics trafficking enterprise that trafficked fentanyl, heroin, and cocaine across Union County. Allegedly, the individuals in question have ties to the Bloods gang’s Sex, Money, Murder street gang.

The prosecutors have revealed the identities of the charged individuals. They are:

  • Jerry Ross, 46, of Somerset.
  • Joseph Ross, 42, of Rahway.
  • Luis Delvalle, 41, of Piscataway.
  • Pernell White, 36, of Piscataway.
  • Jaquay Bell, 35, of Piscataway.
  • Andre Gaddy, 31, North Plainfield.
  • Jacob Douglas, 42, Plainfield, New Jersey.
  • Tarrell Strond, 42, Plainfield, New Jersey.
  • Tayeire Thomas, 26, Plainfield, New Jersey.

They are all charged with conspiracy to distribute controlled substances. Six of the defendants appeared today before U.S. Magistrate Judge Cathy L. Waldor, while Douglas, White, and Thomas remain at large.

“Whether it’s victims that could have been touched from a violent crime perspective, or victims who could have been touched as a result of overdoses, or open-air drug trafficking, our investigation will continue into that realm,” said New Jersey Homeland Security Investigations Director William Walker.

Prolonged investigation into the defendants’ roles in a drug trafficking group led to the charges, which are based on evidence gathered through surveillance, controlled purchases, and examination of telephone records. Near Plainfield’s West 3rd Street, this gang ran an outdoor drug market.