How Much Blac Chyna Earn? How Did She Live Her Life?

You all will be curious about how much celebs earn and spend their money? How they manage such a big amount of money? Let’s find out all answers of your questions in this article.

Who is Blac Chyna?

Blac Chyna is a Washington, D.C.-based American model and businesswoman. She opened her own make-up line, Lashed by Blac Chyna, as well as a beauty boutique in Encino, Los Angeles, in 2014. Blac Chyna’s net worth is estimated to be $5 million as of March 2023.

blac chyna net worth 2023

Blac Chyna began to appear on a variety of television shows. Chyna has also had a variety of self-branded business enterprises, most of which were around beauty goods and services. She has also made a fortune on the social media portal OnlyFans. She is apparently one of the highest-paid creators on the network.

Early Life Of Blac Chyna

Angela Renee White was born in Washington, D.C. on May 11, 1988. She became Dora Renee, a dancer, when she was 18 years old before going to Miami and enrolling at Johnson and Wales University. Cream, her stage name, became a dancer at King Of Diamonds. She was in a relationship with Tyga from 2011 until 2014, and they were engaged at the time. They have a kid named King Cairo Stevenson.

What is Blac Chyna’s net worth?

Blac Chyna is a reality television celebrity, former stripper, and social media entrepreneur from the United States. Blac Chyna has a $5 million net worth. Although her actions as a stripper contributed to her celebrity, her associations with high-profile celebrities elevated her renown to new heights. Blac Chyna has two children: one with rapper Tyga and another with Rob Kardashian.

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Career Of Blac Chyna

Blac Chyna began stripping shortly after beginning college, mostly to finance her tuition. She eventually relocated to Florida to attend Johnson & Wales University, where she resumed her stripping profession while while attending studies. Blac Chyna was soon too fatigued to stay awake throughout her lessons.

blac chyna net worth 2023

The young college student found herself in a difficult situation. She wouldn’t be able to afford her education if she quit stripping. She would surely flunk her studies if she kept stripping since she kept falling asleep during lectures. Blac Chyna’s only choice was to drop out and concentrate on stripping.

Blac’s Success Life 

The blessing of Drake in 2010 proved to be the spark that would kick-start her career, and it appeared as though Blac Chyna had become a star overnight. Her social media following rose rapidly, and she was finally offered a position as a stunt double for Nicki Minaj in the “Monster” music video.

blac chyna net worth 2023

As a result, she was named Model of the Year at the 2011 Urban Model Awards. Tyga also decided to use the model in his music video for “Rack City.” Blac Chyna appeared in a variety of additional publications throughout the next few years, including Smooth Girl and Urban Ink. She ended 2012 by appearing in one of Nicki Minaj’s music videos.

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Blac’s Relationships

Tyga was Blac Chyna’s first high-profile relationship. They met soon after the model starred in the rapper’s music video. They began dating in 2011, and by 2012, the couple had given birth to a boy. Tyga ultimately purchased a home for the new family, but the relationship did not last. The pair divorced in 2014, with Tyga moving on to Kylie Jenner as a new love interest.

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