Billlions Season 7 ( EXCLUSIVE) : Cast, Release Date And Many More

Billions are officially coming back for its seventh season. Showtime has officially renewed its super hit series BILLIONS for Season 7.

Billions is a financial-based character drama television series largely set in New York and Connecticut.

The American drama series is produced by Brian Koppelman. The series first appeared on January 17, 2016. It has 6 seasons. Season 6 premiered on January 23, 2022

Tv Line reports that the series has got positive reviews from critics and audiences Therefore It has been approved for another season.

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So the fans are getting excited to know Will there be another series? what is the release date of Billions Season 7? who would play the lead roles? What will the storyline be? In order to find out more about the latest information on your favorite show keep reading. 


Billions Season 7: Release Date

The Premier date of Billions 7 has not yet been announced but it might be announced soon by the makers. Billions Season 5 schedule got canceled due to the pandemic and the January 2022 premiere of Season 6 revealed that the series has started again.

Given its latest season (season 6) that was premiered on January 23, 2022, It is hard to expect season 7 to be released this year. hopefully, we can expect season 7 coming next year with 12 episodes similar to its previous six seasons.

Billions 7: Who Would Be The Part Of Cast Members?

Although makers of the Billions 7 have not yet been officially announced anything regarding the cast, It’s likely to believe that there might be come back of many billions of cast members of previous seasons such as: 

  • Maggie Siff as Wendy Rhoades
  • Daniel Breaker as Scooter Dunbar
  • Sakina Jaffrey as Daevisha “Dave” Mahar
  • David Costabile as Mike “Wags” Wagner
  • Condola Rashād as Kate Sacker
  • Asia Kate Dillon as Taylor Amber Mason
  • Jeffrey DeMunn as Charles Rhoades Sr.
  • Kelly AuCoin as “Dollar” Bill Stearn
  • Dan Soder as Dudley Mafee
  • Louis Cancelmi as Victor Mateo
  • Will Roland as Winston
  • Condola Rashad as Kate Sacker 

Will Axe Be In Season 7 Of Billions?

Fans got disappointed when Damien Lewis, who played Bobby AXE Axelrod, left Billions at the end of Season 5. He was replaced by none other than Corey Stoll who played Mike, prince. He became the boss in the billions. The conflicts between prince and chuck grabbed the attention of the series.

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The only mission of chuck’s life is to ruin the prince’s business dealings. This made the prince stop bringing the Olympics to New York. Fans are getting excited to see how things will turn out in season 7 but at the same time desperately want Axe to come back in the show.

Any official information by makers will be updated soon


Billions Season 7: Everything You Need To Know About

The two main characters of the first five seasons are Chuck Rhoades Jr. and Hedge fund billionaire Bobby Axelrod. They are also known as Bobby or Axe. The show had a major twist with sudden changes when Damian Lewis (Axe) left the show.

The show managed to add a billionaire to the show, Michael Thomas Aquinius Prince. The show added him for Chuck to fight with.

Prince is first shown as someone who wants to do great things for the world but later on emerges as someone who is not limited by his ambition to make the necessary sacrifices to achieve that ambition, however. Billion has garnered mostly good reviews.

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The drama series is very popular on showtime. It has a huge fanbase. Even though Lewis’s takeoff caused disappointment among fans,  fans are still crazy for the show which is why season 7 is on-demand.

The characterization, acting, storyline, conversations, and many more things play a major role in the success of the series.

The series not only focuses on high finance or power politics but also pays attention to the lives and relationships of rich and powerful people. A strange complexity of billions makes the series interesting.


The series was officially released in 2016 and has since then received a huge fanbase. Currently, The show is about to complete its sixth season. The sixth season has received mixed reviews from both critics and the audience.

The absence of Axe which was played by Damien Lewis made fans a little disappointed. We can clearly see the impact of not having our favorite character in the show, However, Fans are over the moon with the news of billions season 7.

Despite receiving mixed reviews for season 6, The show still manages to have an impressive number of fanbase and viewers and at the end of the day, that’s what matters the most.

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