Best Bitcoin Wallets for Android Devices

Bitcoin has attained vivid popularity and attention in the last decade. However, even subsequent entry of an immense number of digital currencies in the cryptocurrency marketplace, the popularity of this digital token has not been restricted. This digital currency still holds more than 45% of the cryptocurrency market’s share. If you are interested in trading you must read this Best Expert Review for bitcoin bot.

Competitors of this digital currency, Ethereum, and Binance coin, are currently not in the state to outplace bitcoin. Bitcoin introduced the concept of an e-wallet that can enable a user to transfer digital currencies from a user account of a cryptocurrency exchange to a particular digital currency wallet.

Nowadays, every bitcoin wallet is compatible with android devices and other smartphones, making cryptocurrency trading automated. However, whenever users hunt the utmost potential android bitcoin wallet, they fail to differentiate between the leading contenders. Therefore, here are the best bitcoin wallets for android devices.


USP of departure is an extraordinary variety of digital currencies; this wallet allows you to trade. Exodus was earlier a bitcoin dedicated wallet, but when more digital currencies arrived in the marketplace, it took no time to add other altcoins.

Exodus is compatible with both Android devices and desktops, and its UI makes it more smooth and effortless in contrast to other bitcoin wallets. As a result, Exodus makes a potential bitcoin wallet for the newbies who want to store their digital currencies on their android devices.

Since Exodus is structured around the needs of newbie digital currency users, advanced digital currency users might not have every feature they want on a digital currency wallet. Therefore, departure was developed as a wallet comprising a close source. Still, later the developer of this wallet discovered the essence of open-source wallets, they decided to make the source code of this wallet public. Exodus comprises an advanced feature of transaction fees alternation.

Usually, Exodus suggests transaction fees to the users based on some network aspects and gas fees, but now users can alter these fees up to some extent. Besides being compatible with android devices, Exodus has desktops having almost every operating system.


Electrum arrived as an open-source bitcoin wallet compatible with android devices. Undeniably Electrum is a dedicated bitcoin wallet, but it allows you to trade between some of the famous bitcoin hard forks like a segregated witness. Electrum grabbed the attention of bitcoin users due to its impeccable security as the wallet is popular to offer the feature of cold storage as well.

The critical drawback of this wallet is its non-optimal user interface and lack of customer care. Moreover, Electrum works only for bitcoin and segregated witnesses. However, Electrum is structured for advanced bitcoin users, and it comprises enticing features like Multi signatures and 2-factor authentication.

Electrum enables users to choose their seed phrase. The layout of the electrum wallet is straightforward, but the user interface is a bit advanced. Electrum, similar to mycelium, allows users to set up desired transaction fees. Undeniably you cannot choose any amount as a transaction fee on such bitcoin wallets, but it offers users freedom up to some extent to alter the transaction fees. Electrum tops the table for the utmost secure bitcoin wallet compatible with android devices existing at the instance.


Mycelium is a smartphone-dedicated bitcoin wallet specifically compatible with Android and iOS. However, unlike the above-listed bitcoin wallets, mycelium is not compatible with android devices. In addition, undeniably, the user interface of this cryptocurrency wallet is soughed. Still, a newbie might find it challenging to find the essential features offered by this wallet in the first instance.

Mycelium also comes up with open-source software, and similar to the above-listed wallets, mycelium allows you to alter the transaction fees. In addition, mycelium correspondingly equips an inbuilt cryptocurrency exchange that allows you to execute orders regarding buying and selling digital currencies.

A cryptocurrency wallet enables you to change the transaction fees of a transaction according to your convenience up to some extent. Furthermore, mycelium also supports cold storage. In short, you can connect a cold storage wallet with this wallet.

The above write-up describes some popular bitcoin wallets compatible with android devices.