Battle Over Parking Space in Alabama Legislative As State Removes Parking Area For Construction

On Tuesday, lawmakers will be back in the capital city for the start of the normal legislative session. A typical day in the legislature has a lot of people from all over the state in the state house.

As work continues on a new statehouse, it becomes more difficult for the public to get to the present one.

It will be hard to find a parking spot during this legislative session. Lawmakers are the only ones who can park in front of the Statehouse this year. Other popular parking spots in downtown Montgomery are also full.

“It’s just construction going on in a busy area.” “This will go on for about three years,” said Pat Harris, secretary of the Senate.

Government officials say that if you want to park, you’ll have to walk as far as Crampton Bowl, which is about a half-mile from the state house.

“A person in a wheelchair or who is blind should not come from the Crampton Bowl, not even with a guide.” “It was just hard to get to,” said Kathy Jones of The Alabama Channel.

There are also metered parking spots in central Montgomery, but they are farther apart.

Harris said, “You don’t want to take valuable space that you could use for offices and put it for parking, but people can’t work in the offices without a place to park.”

The lawmakers will return next Tuesday at noon. Officials from the state say to get there early to get a parking spot.

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