Summer House: Are Carl and Lindsay Still Together in 2023?

Summer House is a new American reality show that debuted on Bravo this summer. The real-life Carl and Lindsay, who played Carl and Lindsay on The Summer House, made their relationship Instagram official, putting an end to fans’ burning concern over whether or not they were still together. To find out if Carl and Lindsay are still together or not, read the article.

Who is Lindsay Hubbard?

Lindsay Hubbard is one of the stars of Bravo’s famous reality show Summer House. In anticipation of the premiere of the brand new fourth season, we have some information on Lindsay for you down below.

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Lindsay has excellent business sense. She pioneered the PR industry with the launch of her firm, Hubb House PR. Located in the heart of New York City, this firm provides a wide range of marketing and PR services. Their articles have appeared in several magazines and newspapers, such as Ask Men, Coveteur, and The Daily Beast. Follow @hubbhousepr on Instagram to keep up with Lindsay’s PR firm, or check out


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Lindsay is not only a driven professional but also has a strong interest in health and wellness. She regularly shares training videos and advice on her Instagram account. She enjoys weightlifting and regularly trains with Adam Razak at Vanguard Fitness.

When Did Lindsay and Carl Start Dating?

Carl and Lindsay’s relationship was out in the open on January 12, 2022, and since then, the Summer House has been at the heart of all controversy. The past year has been very good to the couple’s relationship, and they are relishing in the fruits of their labor.

Are Carl and Lindsay Still Together 2023

As Amanda put it, Carl and Lindsay “exited the friend zone and promptly went back in” after their brief relationship in Season 4 of Summer House. “They were both in such different headspaces,” Lindsay remarked on Wednesday.

Are Carl and Lindsay Still Together in 2023?

The couple has made their romance public knowledge by posting an Instagram confirmation. They’re still together and gearing up for Season 6 of the program, albeit they don’t use terms like “boyfriend and girlfriend” as much. Carl said in a video, “Lindsay and he are together,” and since then the two have been spending a lot of time together and making the most of every holiday. They even spent the holidays and Cael’s sobriety anniversary together.

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They started living together at the start of the summer of 2022, and Lindsay hasn’t stopped posting photos of them together on her social media. Season 7 of Summer House has an uncertain future, but things turn out great for Carl and Lindsay.

It was revealed in the inaugural episode of Season 7 of Summer House (filmed in the summer of 2022 and airing in the winter of 2023) that Hubbard had started drinking again after abstaining to support Radke in his sobriety program.

During the premiere, the ex-loverboy vp of sales told us exclusively that he didn’t mind his fiancée drinking as long as they talked about it. Radke began, “I mean, first and foremost, I just want to say, like, it’s been fantastic having a partner and friend and lover who has been so understanding and accommodating and supportive. Sometimes I forget how difficult it is to be in a relationship with someone who struggles as much as I do.


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He explained: “I’ve always wanted her to do what’s best for her and, honestly, her having a glass of wine with her aunt or having a Loverboy with anyone, I support it. What I think is key is talking to one another and figuring out what works for each other.

When asked by Us about their relationship, Hubbard said, “There was a lot of, like, compromise and conversation and just respect surrounding levels of drinking for me and, like, making sure he’s comfortable.” That’s a way of life where we diverge from one another. A lot of giving and taking is involved.


Lindsay Hubbard, star of the American reality show Summer House, has made her relationship with co-star Carl Radke’s Instagram official. Lindsay is also a successful businesswoman, pioneering the PR industry with her company Hubb House PR, and has a strong interest in health and wellness.

The couple have been dating since January 2022, and are planning to get married on a beach this fall. They experienced a miscarriage in January 2022, but are now happily living together and making the most of their time together.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will Lindsay and Carl Tie the Knot?

If all goes according to plan, we will get married on a beach this coming fall! Lindsay discloses. Carl confirmed to Us Weekly in January 2022 that he and Lindsay were dating, gushing, “I’m delighted to report that we’re dating and things are going great. We’re really happy.

Are Both Lindsay and Carl Expecting?

Lindsay disclosed in January 2022 that she had experienced a miscarriage with co-star Jason Cameron of Winter House. In the Season 6 opener of Summer House, she revealed to her then-boyfriend Carl Radke, “I found out I was pregnant on a Monday, and by Tuesday I was miscarrying.

What Caused Carl and Lindsay to Split Up?

“Unfortunately going into it, Carl didn’t quite grasp that I’m not dating for the sake of dating at this point in my life (even though he is my best friend), or that he wasn’t quite ready for the degree of commitment I require,” she wrote in March 2020.

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