Angry Neighbor Sues Burger King Franchise in New York as the place is new Hotspot for Drug Activities

New York City, NY: One outraged neighborhood resident is suing the franchise owner of the Burger King that has become an outdoor drug market thanks to local dealers. The business is located near City Hall.

A 20-year resident named Kevin Kaufman has finally had enough: the thugs loiter outside the entrance, harass passers-by for spare cash, smoke pot and consume alcohol in public, and get into violent altercations.

He stated that between the beginning of 2023 and now, there have been 143 911 calls, yet only two people have been arrested due to the pandemonium.

Although we feel bad for Kaufman, his anger toward Lalmir Sultanzada, the owner of Burger King franchises, is unwarranted. The police are powerless, and it is not Sultanzada’s fault.

For years, our legislators have fought tooth and nail to prevent any real law enforcement from occurring. This includes the increasingly disastrous bail “reforms” of 2019 as well as the obscene How Many Stops act, a law reminiscent of Kafka’s work that aims to suffocate all police officers in needless paperwork and prevent them from carrying out their duties.

And it’s paying off: major crimes in the First Precinct, which includes the Burger King, have increased by 2.4% so far this year compared to the already astronomically high 2023. The number of felony assaults increased by 14% and the number of burglaries by 52%.

“This idiotic bail reform,” Kaufman says, knowing the score. A few individuals have been taken into custody, but they will be released in the next day.

Regardless, nobody appears to care save the elite in New York City.

“The only ones that seem to be responsive and listening are the cops,” Kaufman says, adding, “we’ve reached out to every direction we can.”

Just streets away from the spot where the council’s extreme leftists have been voting against measures meant to protect the public, this is taking place.

Unfortunately, lawmakers in New York cannot be legally sued for establishing innumerable zones of anarchy.

Until the people rise up against a governing elite that persistently prioritizes the interests of criminals, Gotham will remain in a state of perpetual anarchy.