An Alabama teenager is becoming well-known in the entertainment sector

At just 13, Birmingham’s own Blake James is redefining what it means to be a young star in the entertainment industry. His journey, starting from Berry Middle School in Hoover, Alabama, to the dazzling lights of Hollywood, is a narrative of raw talent, resilience, and the power of dreams.

Embarking on the Journey

Blake’s foray into the world of entertainment began in 2022, during his sixth grade, marking a pivotal shift from a regular school life to one filled with cameras, scripts, and stages. His debut project with Nickelodeon, “Little Lens: Everyday Life Through the Eyes of Black Children,” featured him in a segment titled “Meet My Hero,” where he shared inspiring stories about his life, particularly about his grandfather, Gus.

Versatility and Talent

Blake’s versatility is evident from his varied projects. He starred in an AT&T commercial alongside NBA Hall of Famer and Alabama native Charles Barkley, where his ability to adapt quickly to different roles was showcased. His latest venture is a movie with Sony Pictures, “We Grown Now,” set in Chicago’s Cabrini Green.

This film, which debuted at the Toronto International Film Festival in September 2023, earned the Changemaker Award, further cementing Blake’s rising status in the industry.

More Than Just Acting

Beyond acting, Blake is also an accomplished singer, displaying his vocal talents in BET’s “The Sound of Christmas” alongside Grammy-award-winning artist Ne-Yo. His multifaceted skills have earned him the affectionate nickname “Big Blake” from Ne-Yo himself.

The Support System

Key to Blake’s success is the unwavering support from his family. His parents, Tuesday and Cameron James, juggle their professional lives to be present with Blake during his shoots. This close-knit family ensures that Blake remains grounded and connected to his roots in Hoover, despite his burgeoning career.

Future Aspirations

As Blake prepares to spend six months in Canada for his next project, his future in the entertainment industry looks bright. With a mindset focused on success and spreading positive messages, including his Christian faith, Blake is not just an emerging talent but also a role model for young aspirants everywhere.


Blake James’s story is not just about a teenager making it big in the entertainment industry. It’s about passion, family support, and staying true to one’s roots. His journey from Alabama to the international stage is a reminder that talent knows no boundaries, and with dedication and the right support, dreams can indeed become reality. Blake James is not just making a name for himself; he’s inspiring a generation.