Alabama Counties Issued Wind Chill Warning For Tuesday

Authorities have issued a Wind Chill Warning in the states of Georgia and Tennessee. The warning is issued for certain counties in both of the states.

The warning will be in effect from Tuesday midnight to noon. There are fair chances that the warning can be extended further.

These are the affected counties in Alabama:

  • Madison County
  • Lauderdale County
  • Colbert County
  • Franklin County
  • Lawrence County
  • Limestone County

Lincoln County in Tennessee has also issued the same warning for the residents. Both states are facing the consequences of the Arctic Blast.

An advisory has been issued in the following counties in Alabama:

  • Morgan County
  • Marshall County
  • Jackson County
  • DeKalb County

Most places will see air temperatures drop as low as single digits, and some will see them in the tens.  On Tuesday morning, the wind chill will be less than zero.

Wind chill is the temperature your body feels when it is exposed to the winds. Make sure you have a thick coat, hat, gloves, and several layers on before you go outside.

Only in places that have a lot of snow will air temperatures rise above the tens. Elsewhere, they will only reach the low 20s on Tuesday afternoon. Watch out for your pets and old people a lot. If your pipes could burst during this latest cold blast, you might want to leave a steady pencil stream of water running through them.

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