A Florida anger management therapist was arrested after a homeless man was allegedly shot and killed

A Florida therapist specializing in anger management, Travis McBride, has been arrested following allegations that he shot and killed a man. According to the DeLand Police Department, officers responded to reports on January 18 that an “elderly man” was seen cleaning up blood from the front yard of a residence because “he killed someone.”

The individual, later identified as Travis McBride, was reported to have placed the body in his car and driven away before returning to the scene.

The incident began when McBride allegedly sought out Clinton Dorsey, a 51-year-old homeless man who McBride claimed had put glass in a jar intended to harm his dogs. McBride is accused of stating his intent to kill Dorsey on the night of the shooting. A witness reported hearing eight to nine shots fired around 10 p.m. the same night.

The following morning, McBride allegedly appeared at a witness’s house and threatened her not to contact the police. Detectives conducted interviews and reviewed surveillance footage, leading to the discovery of a spent 9mm shell casing and blood droplets near the scene.

McBride and Dorsey were known to each other and had an ongoing dispute. Police located a body in the back seat of McBride’s car, confirming the death. McBride, 46, was charged with first-degree murder and is being held without bond at the Volusia County Branch Jail.

This case is particularly notable given McBride’s profession as a therapist specializing in anger management, among other areas. The investigation into the matter continues.