5-week-old Infant Assaulted by Parents; Doctors Confirm 16 Broken Bones in California

The Orange County District Attorney’s Office said on Thursday, May 16, that a woman from Santa Ana is being charged with a crime after reportedly hitting her 5-week-old son 16 times because he wouldn’t stop crying.

The 34-year-old Mirian Jimenez-Olivera was charged with 11 felonies of child abuse, and the 35-year-old Edgar Busto-Rodriguez was charged with one felony of being a witness.

Authorities say that Jimenez-Olivera hit her newborn baby in the ribs, shoulder, and arms several times when he cried and pulled his leg roughly when she changed him. A head fracture, a broken knee, an elbow fracture, broken ribs, and an arm fracture were some of the injuries the baby had.

It is thought that the abuse started when the baby was two weeks old.

Doctors found out how bad the baby’s injuries were on May 13 when he was taken to the hospital because his left arm wouldn’t move, according to officials.

Busto-Rodriguez is thought to have lied to the cops about how his son got hurt Both parents have said they are not guilty and are being held in jail with a $1 million bond each.

If Jimenez-Olivera is found guilty of all 11 counts, he could spend up to 42 years in jail. Busto-Rodriguez, on the other hand, could spend up to three years in prison.