42 Years in Prison For Shooting at a Wedding in Pelham; Defendant Say Wedding was Disrespectful Before Father’s Funeral in Same Church

Pelham, New Hampshire: Dale Holloway, who was found guilty of shooting Bishop Stanley Choate at a wedding in Pelham in 2019, received a sentence of 40 years to life for attempted murder on Monday.

In addition, he received two sentences of 10 to 30 years for charges of first-degree assault and being a felon in possession of a dangerous weapon. He was credited with 1,571 days of pre-trial credit for both charges. Unfortunately, the judge did not grant him the pre-trial credit for the attempted murder charge.

Holloway received a 12-month suspended sentence for the simple assault charge related to the incident involving the groom. He was convicted in November of last year for the attempted murder of Bishop Choate, who was shot in the chest on October 12, 2019.

Holloway was also found guilty of first-degree assault for causing injury to the bride, Claire McMullen, who was shot in the arm. Additionally, he was charged with being a felon in possession of a .380 caliber pistol and simple assault for striking the groom, Mark Castiglione, in the head with a firearm.

The defendant claimed insanity, but the jury determined he was mentally sound during the shooting.

A wedding was scheduled to take place before the funeral of Luis Garcia, 60, of Londonderry. Garcia, who was Holloway’s stepfather, tragically lost his life on October 1, 2019, when he was shot in the neck at his home. Garcia also served as a clergyman at the Pentecostal church.

Brandon Castiglione, 24, of Londonderry, Mark Castiglione’s son, has been taken into custody on a second-degree murder charge in connection with Garcia’s tragic passing. The verdict was delivered and he received a sentence of 42 years to life in prison.

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