4 Mailboxes Destroyed In Loud Explosion near Florissant, Colorado; Authorities Started Investigation

Florissant, Colorado: A mailbox south of Florissant was damaged by an explosion on Thursday night, and the Teller County Sheriff’s Office has opened a probe to look into the matter.

At 5:43 p.m., according to deputies, they were called to the intersection of County Road 11 and High Chateau Road for a reported explosion at a mail parcel box.

Four mailboxes were destroyed, according to officials. Police don’t think the explosion had anything to do with the delivery of mail.

Police have reported the incident to the United States Postal Inspectors, and Metro Explosive Ordinance Disposal (EOD) is supporting detectives in the TCSO’s ongoing investigations.

Delsa Brown, a neighbor, briefed the police on Thursday night about the explosion. She and her family heard a tremendous crash. The mailboxes are a few football fields away from her residence. The blast was also audible to nearby neighbors.

Brown claimed that the sound was distinct, that she could not have identified it as a gunshot, and that she was unsure of what it might be. Her son appeared a little anxious when he checked the mailbox this morning.

Parts of the postal box are being examined by investigators to determine what kind of explosives were utilized. If anyone has any information on this case or notices anything fishy surrounding mailboxes, they are urging people to contact them.

To look into the incident, the Teller County Sheriff’s Office and the US Postal Inspection Service are collaborating. One of the investigating officers said, “Mail is the top priority for the Postal Service and the Postal Inspection Service. damaging a mailbox with an explosive is not only a federal crime but puts our mail carriers and postal customers at risk for serious harm. This will not be tolerated.”

Although there is no threat to the community, authorities advise residents to exercise caution and report any suspicious activity to the sheriff’s office.