3 people are being held in Florida for a home invasion in College Station

In a significant development, the College Station Police Department has announced the arrest of three individuals implicated in a distressing home invasion incident that occurred in early January in College Station.

The suspects, identified as Clayton Rowley, Nyah Davis, and Dustin Noble, were apprehended in Jacksonville, Florida, thanks to the collaborative efforts of the U.S. Marshals Service.

The case unfolded on January 3rd, when a resident of Harvey Road in College Station reported a terrifying encounter. According to the victim, she was showering when an unexpected intrusion by three men and a woman disrupted the tranquility of her home.

The intruders, allegedly searching for a stolen item believed to be concealed within the premises, resorted to brandishing firearms upon failing to locate the said item. The incident not only left the victim in a state of shock but also resulted in the theft of personal belongings.

In the wake of the investigation, authorities linked Clayton Rowley, Nyah Davis, and Emanuel Bravo to the crime, uncovering evidence that pointed to their involvement. A subsequent search of Rowley and Davis’ residence in the Northgate area on January 23rd led to the recovery of some of the stolen items, further solidifying their connection to the home invasion.

Efforts to apprehend all individuals connected to the case continued, with Emanuel Bravo being taken into custody on February 1st during a search operation at a residence on Glenna Court. However, Rowley and Davis evaded arrest at that time. The investigation took a turn when Dustin Noble was identified as a fourth suspect, expanding the scope of the police’s search.

The successful capture of Noble, Davis, and Rowley in Jacksonville is a testament to the dedication and resourcefulness of law enforcement agencies. Officer David Simmons, the Public Information Officer for the College Station Police, praised the U.S. Marshals Service for their expertise in tracking down fugitives and assisting local law enforcement in ensuring justice.

As the suspects are currently detained in Jacksonville County jail, discussions regarding their extradition are ongoing. The College Station Police Department remains committed to working closely with the U.S. Marshal Service to navigate the legal proceedings that lie ahead. This case underscores the law enforcement community’s unwavering commitment to safeguarding public safety and holding individuals accountable for their actions.

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