2 ‘Armed and Dangerous’ homicide suspects are wanted in Escambia County, Florida

n a critical development from Escambia County, Florida, law enforcement officials have issued an urgent warning regarding two individuals wanted in connection to a murder investigation. Described as armed and potentially very dangerous, the public is strongly advised against approaching these suspects.

According to the Escambia County Sheriff’s Office, the alarming incident unfolded on Monday when the suspects reportedly entered a residence on Moore Avenue.

Inside, they allegedly discharged a firearm at a man, resulting in his fatal injury, before hastily departing the scene. Law enforcement personnel, arriving later, discovered a deceased male victim outside the premises.

The individuals sought in connection with this grave crime are Alexander George Deloach, aged 28, and D’Angelo Lavan Cook-Humphrey, aged 27. The authorities urge anyone with information regarding their whereabouts to immediately contact 9-1-1, emphasizing the importance of community vigilance.

In a related development, law enforcement in Thomasville, Alabama, reported the apprehension of a man believed to be linked to the Moore Avenue homicide.

This arrest occurred around midday in a coordinated operation at a Dollar General store parking lot along Highway 43 in Thomasville.

The operation involved multiple law enforcement agencies, including the Clarke County Sheriff’s Office, Jackson Police Department, and Thomasville Police Department, who acted on a tip-off that led them to surveil a suspect vehicle identified in the area.

Upon observing three individuals exiting the Dollar General store, officers executed a strategic and peaceful arrest. Among those detained, one man is purportedly connected to the murder in Northwest Florida, marking a significant breakthrough in the investigation.

This case continues to unfold as authorities work diligently to ensure the safety of the community and seek justice for the victim. The public is reminded to remain alert and report any suspicious activities or information that may aid in the apprehension of the remaining suspects.

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