19 Dogs Rescued From Robertson County Home in Tennessee

A total of fourteen dogs and five puppies were removed from a residence on Walnut St. in Mount Olivet following a report made to the Kentucky Humane Society. Robertson County Animal Control and the rescue organization Friends of Mason County Animals promptly responded to the tip.

According to friends of Mason County Animals Director Karen Hopkins, the dogs were discovered in a distressing state.

“The dogs were matted as if they hadn’t been groomed in over a year, wounds, limping, skinny. The areas they were kept in were full of feces, urine and mud,” Hopkins said.

The dog’s owner relinquished them to animal control on Monday.

“It’s truly devastating,” expressed officer Aletha Thomas. “It was painful for me. It had a significant impact on me. This is unacceptable.

Guardians of Rescue, a New York-based animal rescue organization, has recently assumed responsibility for relocating and providing care for a number of animals. As part of this effort, some of these animals have been transported to Davinci’s Dream animal rescue.

The identity of the owner is being withheld as no criminal charges have been filed. The owner ultimately chose not to provide a comment on the record, following the advice of her attorney.

Hopkins mentioned that the residence and an additional shelter on the premises were utilized for breeding dogs, which were then sold through a business known as “Sharp’s Doodles.”

The Facebook page linked to the business was not accessible on Friday.

“Shelters and rescues are currently facing a high influx of puppies and dogs of various breeds and sizes,” Hopkins stated. “Many of them are arriving from puppy mills and breeding situations, commonly known as backyard breeders.”

According to Thomas, the owner had contacted the animal shelter for assistance in late 2023, but failed to follow through.

“She mentioned that she had a rescue for a dog and I requested her to provide me with pictures and information since we were already at capacity. Unfortunately, I never received a response,” she explained.

Hopkins and Thomas mentioned that they had provided their pictures and video to Robertson County attorney Jesse Melcher for potential prosecution, but a call to his office on Friday went unanswered.

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